15. The Prophet’s Guidance in Buying, Selling and Dealings
* The Prophet (Peace be upon him) bought and sold, but he bought more than he sold after he was entrusted with [Allah's] message. He (Peace be upon him) also leased and rented, appointed agents and was appointed as such, but he appointed more than he was appointed.

* He (Peace be upon him) purchased on cash and credit, he interceded and others interceded for him, and he borrowed with mortgage or without it.

* He (Peace be upon him) gave donations and accepted them, and he gave gifts and accepted them. If he did not want the gift he apologized to the giver. He (Peace be upon him) accepted gifts offered by kings and distributed them among his companions.

* He (Peace be upon him) was the best of people in his dealings. If he borrowed something from someone, he returned something better and supplicated Allah to bless him, his family and his wealth.
Once he (Peace be upon him) borrowed a camel, and its owner came to collect it being harsh with the Prophet (Peace be upon him). When his companions wanted to show aggression to the man, he (Peace be upon him) said: “Leave him, for he who has a right is entitled to demand it.”129

* His reaction to severe abuse towards him was additional forbearance. He (Peace be upon him) told someone who became furious to extinguish his anger with wudhu', and to sit down if he was standing, and to seek refuge in Allah from Satan.

* He (Peace be upon him) was never arrogant with anyone; on the contrary, he behaved humbly and modestly with his companions, greeting the young and the old.

* He (Peace be upon him) would joke at times, but even then, always spoke truth. And he told amusing stories, but never stated except the truth.
129 Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

* He (Peace be upon him) raced on foot, repaired his shoes and stitched his clothes by his own hand. He (Peace be upon him) patched his leather bucket, milked his goat, cleaned his garment, served his family and himself and with his companions carried bricks for building the mosque.

* He (Peace be upon him) was the most tolerant and kind person.

* He (Peace be upon him) was never required to choose between two things but that he opted for the easier one, as long as it was not sinful.

* He (Peace be upon him) never avenged an injustice committed against himself, but when one of Allah’s prohibitions had been violated his anger was overwhelming.

* He (Peace be upon him) used to give and seek counsel, visit the sick, attend funerals, accept invitations and strive to meet the needs of widows, the poor and the weak.
* He (Peace be upon him) used to supplicate Allah for anyone who did him a favour. He (Peace be upon him) said: "When a favour is done for someone and he says to him who did it, 'Jazak-Allahu khayran' (May Allah reward you well), he has conveyed the utmost praise.”130
130 At-Tirmidhi.