volt    V
(Chem.) vanadium, velocity, victory, volt, voltage    V
valve, vector, verb, verse, version, versus, very, vice, see, voice, volume, vowel     v.
Venerable, Viscount     V.
vertical(/short) take-off and landing    V(/S)TOL
vice admiral, volt-ampere     V. A.
vice-chairman, vice-chancellor, vice-consul
Victoria Cross     V. C.
vapour density     V. D.
various dates     v. d.
venereal disease    V. D.
very fair, very fine     V. F.
 for example    v. g.
very good, vicar general     V. G.
verb intransitive, see below    v. i.
(Elec.) volume indicator, (Phys.) viscosity index     V. I.
verb neuter     v. n.
verb passive    v. p.
(Eng.) Viekers pyramid number     V. P. N.
veterinary surgeon     V. S.
(Acous.) volume unit     V. U.
vapour pressure, vent pipe, various places,
 vice-president     V.P.
 see above     v.s.
vice versa     v.v.
Velocity/height    V/H
Vertical and Short Take Off and Landing    V/STOL
Department of Veteran's Affairs    VA
Veterans Administration    VA
volt amperes    VA
Department of Veteran's Affairs    VA
vice admiral     VA dm.
(Elec. Eng.) volt-ampere     va.
Virginia     Va.
Vesicant Agent Detector    VAD
Voice And Data Recorder    VADR
value     val
value     val.
Secure communications system (US)    Vallor
Vehicular Array Mine Detection System    VAMIDS
VHSIC Avionics Modular Processor    VAMP
variable, variant, variation, variety, various     var.
Video Augmented Tracking System    VATS
Voice Alarm Warning System    VAWS
verb     vb.
Volatile Bulk Memory    VBM
(Elec. Eng.) volt-coulomb.     vc,
Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff    VCJCS
Voltage or Voice Controlled Oscillator    VCO
Video cassette recorder    VCR
Video Camera System    VCS
Maximum permitted diving speed.    VD
(Chem.) vanadium    Vd,
Versatile Drone Autopilot    VDA
Visual Display Module    VDM
Variable Depth Sonar    VDS
visual display units microsecond    VDU
Capable of being pointed in different directions.    vectored
vegetable     veg.
vehicle    veh
vellum, velocity    vel.
Vehicle magnetic signature duplicator    VEMASID
venerable    ven.
Venice     Ven.
verse     ver.
Secure communications system (US)    Verdin
versed sine     vers.
vertebrate, vertical     vert.
vertebrata     Vert.
The highest point of the bullet's trajectory.    Vertex
Vertical replenishment    Vertrep
vessel     ves.
veterinarian, veterinary     vet.
voice frequency    VF
(Telev.) video frequency    VF
variable format message entry device    VFMED
variable frequency oscillator    VFO
Visual Flight Reference    VFR
Visual Flight Rules    VFR
Vertical Gyro    VG
Visual Graphics Generator    VGG
Very high frequency    VHF
very high frequency    vhf, or
V. H. F.1735
very high-speed integrated circuit    VHSIC
(Chem.) virginium    Vi,
vicinity     vic.
Virtual Image Display    VID
Vibration Indicator Engine Warning System    VIEWS
Vinten Integrated Infra-Red Linescan    VIGIL
village     vil.
Tactical secure speech equipment (US)    Vinson
very important person    VIP
very important person     VIP
visibility, visual     vis.
Variable stability In-flight Simulator Test Aircraft    VISTA
Video Image Tracking System    VITS
Vehicle Interface Unit    VIU
 namely    viz.
Relative velocity of flow on the underside of an aerofoil    Vl
Vertical Line-Array    VLA
Vertical Line Array DIFAR    VLAD
Vertical launch and recovery    VLAR
Very Low Clearance    VLC
Very low frequency    VLF
very low frequency     vlf. or
V. L. F.1744
vertical loading gun mount    VLGM
Very Light Laser Rangefinder    VLLR
vertical launch system    VLS
Very large scale integration    VLSI
Vehicle-launched scatterable mine system    VLSMS
Vickers Modular Bridge    VMB
Visual meteorological conditions.    VMC
Vehicle-Mounted Decontamination Apparatus    VMDA
virtual memory environment    VME
Maximum permitted operating speed    Vmo
Vehicle-mounted road mine detector system    VMRMDS
Vehicle Management System    VMS
1. Velocity Measuring Unit 2. Voice Message Unit    VMU
Vertical Navigation    VNav
Never to be exceeded speed    Vne
verso     vo.
vocative     voc.
vocabulary     vocab.
voice encoder/decoder    VOCODER
Voice Operated Gain Adjustment Device    VOGAD
volcano, volume, volunteer     vol.
volumes     Vols.
VHF Omnidirectional Range    VOR
VHF Omnidirectional Range/Locator    VOR/Loc
VHF Omnidirectional Range/Tacan    VORTac
Voice Operated Switch    VOS
voucher    vou.
Voice keying or activation    Vox
Vibrations per minute    vpm
Voice Projection Unit    VPU
Voice Processor Unit (with Data mode)    VPU(D)
Radial velocity    Vr
Typical approach speed    Vref
visual reporting posts    VRP
Variable reach rough terrain forklift    VRRTFL
Variable reach rough terrain forklift truck    VRRTFLT
Vehicle Respirator System    VRS
Vertical Reference Unit    VRU
Stalling speed    Vs
verse, versus     vs.
Video Symbology Display    VSD
very short range air defense    VSHORAD
Vertical Speed Indicator    VSI
underwater vehicle    VSM
Vertical/Short take-off and landing Research Aircraft    VSRA
verses, versions     vss.
vertical/short take-off and landing    VSTOL
Variable Stator Vane Actuator    VSVA
Verification SoftWare    VSW
voltage standing wave ratio    VSWR
verb transitive    vt.
Vermon    Vt.
vacuum tube     VT.
Voice Terrain Advisory    VTA
Visual Target Acquisition System    VTAS
Vehicle tactical logistic    VTL
Voltage Tunable Magnetron    VTM
Volumetric Top Off    VTO
Vertical take-off and landing    VTOL
(Aero.) vertical takeoff and landing     VTOL.
video tape recorder    VTR
(Electronic) vacuum-tube voltmeter     VTVM
vulgar     vulg.
verses, violins     vv.
Vertical volute spring suspension    VVSS
Codename for nerve agent    VX
Persistent nerve agent    VX