Codename for sulphur and chlorine compound    T
tones    t
(Phys.) surface tension, mean life. (Elec. Eng.) period, cycle, (Heat.) absolute temperature, (Mech.) torque, moment of couple, (Chem.) transport number, tritium     T
taken from, teaspoon, temperature, tenor, Gram. tense, territory, time, tome, ton, town, township, transitive, troy     t.
tablespoon, tension, territory, township
true, Tuesday     T.
trial and evaluation    T&E
(Heat.)temperature    t(or )
telegraphic address    T. A.
(Aero.) true air speed     T. A. S.
true boiling point     T. B. P.
teachers college, terra cotta     T. C.
(Eng.) top dead center     T.D.C.
(Pet. Eng.) tetraethyl lead     T.E.L., t. e. l.
(Surv.) turning point     T.P. (orTP)
Towing/Mine Detection Vehicle    T/MDV
Transmitter/Receiver    T/R
Total Terrain Avionics    T{2}A
Territorial Army    TA
Traffic Advisory    TA
(Chem.) tantalum     Ta
Towed assault bridge    TAB
tactical    tac
Tactical Air Command    TAC
Tactical Air    TACAIR
Take Charge and Move Out    TACAMO
tactical air navigation    TACAN
Tactical Air Control Center    TACC
Tactical Co-ordinator    TACCO
Threat Adaptive Countermeasures Dispensing System    TACDS
Tactical Navigation Modification    TACNAVMOD
Tactical Area Communications System     TACOM
Tactical Control    TACON
Tactical Air Control Party    TACP
auxiliary crane ship    TACS
Tactical Air Control System    TACS
Tactical Satellite    TACSAT
Tactical Satellite Communications    TACSATCOM
tactical towed array sonar    TACTAS
Tactical Towed Acoustic Sensor System    TACTASS
Totally Advanced Communications Technology    TACTEC
Trailing arm drive    TAD
Tactical Digital Information Link or Tactical Interface Link    TADIL
Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem    TADIXS
Tactical Air Defense Operations Center    TADOC
Target Acquisition Designation Sight    TADS
Target Acquisition and Designator Set/Pilot Night Vision Sensor    TADS/PNVS
Tactical Aircrew Eye Respiratory System    TAERS
Tactical Aircraft Forces    TAF
combat stores Ship (in Military Balance)    T-AFS
Tactical Airlift Group    TAG
towed array AGOS    TAGOS
hospital ship (in Military Balance)    T-AH
Three Axis Inertial Measurement System    TAIMS
Tactical Air Control Wing    TAIRCW
commercial roll-on/roll-off ship    T-AKX
tactical air-launched cruise missile    TALCM
Tactical AIR-Launched Decoy    TALD
Theater Airlift Liaison Officer    TALO
(Maths.) tangent     tan.
(Maths.) hyperbolic tangent     tanh.
Tank Killer Report    TANKREP
Tactical Air Navigation System    TANS
Tactical Air Operations Center     TAOC
Tactical Air Operations Module    TAOM
transport oiler (in Military Balance)    T-AOT
Toxicological Agents Protective    TAP
Tank Automotive Research and Development Command    TARADCOM
Target Combat Air Patrol    TARCAP
Telegraph Automatic Radio Equipment     TARE
Telegraph Automatic Routeing in the Field    TARIF
Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System    TARPS
Tactical Aircraft Reconnaissance Pod System    TARPS
Towed Array Sonar    TAS
Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile    TASM
Towed Array Surveillance System    TASS
Total Air Temperature    TAT
Trans-Atlantic Telephone    TAT
maintenance aviation support ship (in Military Balance)    T-AVB
Tactical Airlift Wing    TAW
Tactical Air Warfare Center    TAWC
taxonic, taxonomy     taxon.
(Chem.) terbium     Tb
trial balance, tubercle bacillus, Tuberculosis     TB.
TeleBrief Control Panel    TBCP
Tactical Ballistic Missile    TBM
Theater Ballistic Missile    TBM
Theater ballistic missile defense    TBMD
Tactical Battlefield Management Subsystem    TBMS
Time between overhauls    TBO
tablespoon, tablespoonful     tbs. or tbsp.
Tank bridge transporter    TBT
tierce     tc.
(Chem.) technetium     Tc.
Terminal Control Area    TCA
Tactical Control and Analysis Center     TCAC
Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System    TCAS
Temporary camouflage coating    TCC
Tactical Communications Control Facility     TCCF
Take Command Control Panel    TCCP
teacher     tchr.
Transportation Control Number    TCN
Transportable Collective Protection System    TCPS
Television Camera Set    TCS
Tactical Computer Terminal     TCT
Tank destroyer    TD
tank division (in Military Balance)    TD
Tank destroyer, touchdown    TD.
Tactical Decision Aid    TDA
time division multiplex    TDM
time division multiple access    TDMA
Tactical Data Management System    TDMS
Tactical Data System    TDS
Test Display Unit    TDU
temporary duty     TDY.
(Aero.) trailing edge     TE
(Chem.) Tellurium     Te.
technical     tec.
technical, technically, technician
technological, technology    tech.
technological, technology     technol.
Test and Evaluation Command    TECOM
Transferred electron device    TED
ThermoElectric Generator    TEG
Transporter-Erector-Launcher    TEL
Transporter-Erector-Launcher Vehicle    TEL
telegram, telegraph, telegraphy     tel.
transporter-erector-launcher and radar vehicle    TELAR
temperature, temporary, in the time of     temp.
Tent Expendable Modular Personnel    TEMPER
Tent Extendable Modular Personnel    TEMPER
Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard    TEMPEST
temporary    tempy
Turbine Engine Monitoring System    TEMS
Secure voice system     Tenley
Tennessee     Tenn.
Tactical Electro-Optical Reconnaissance System    TEORS
terrain-following radar    TER
Triple Ejector Rack    TER
terrace, territory     ter.
Terrain Contour Matching    TERCOM
Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance    TEREC
terminal, termination     term.
Terrain Profile Matching    TERPROM
territory     terr.
Transportable Earth Station     TES
Threat Emitter Simulator System    TESS
Turbine entry temperature    TET
Technical Escort Unit    TEU
Turbine Engine Vibration Indicator    TEVI
Tactical Electronic Warfare System    TEWS
Texas     Tex.
Tactical explosive system    TEXS
Terrain Following, Terrain Avoidance, Threat Avoidance    TF/TA{2}
Toxic-Free Area    TFA
Thin Film Electro Luminescent    TFEL
Thin Film Platinum Resistant Thermometer    TFPRT
Terrain-Following Radar    TFR
transfer     tfr.
Tactical Fighter Squadron    TFS
Thin Film Transistor    TFT
Terrestrial Flight Telecommunication System    TFTS
Tactical Fighter Wing    TFW
Terminally Guided Submunitions    TGSM
target     tgt.
(Chem.) thorium     Th.
Thursday     Th.
Doctor of Theology    Th.D.
theatre high altitude area defense    THAAD
theater, theatrical     theat.
theologian, theological, theology     theol.
theorem     theor.
theoretical, theoretically    theoret.
therapeutics     therap.
thermometer     therm.
thousand     thou.
(Eng.) thrust horsepower     thp.
Thursday     Thurs. or Thu.
(Chem.) titanium     Ti
Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator    TIALD
Thermal Imaging and Laser Designating    TIALD
Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities    TIARA
Tactical Information Broadcast Service    TIBS
Tactical Information Broadcast System    TIBS
Thermal imaging common modules    TICM
 three times a day     TID.
Total In-Flight Simulator    TIFS
Tangram Integrated Logistic System    TILOS
Tactical Instrument Landing System    TILS
tincture     tinct
Thermal Imaging Navigation Set    TINS
Technical Improvement Program    TIP
Terminal Imaging Radar or Tracking and Illuminating Radar    TIR
Television and Infrared Observation Satellites     TIROS
Tornado Infra-Red Reconnaissance System    TIRRS
Tactical Intelligence Squadron    TIS
Thermal Imaging System    TIS
Target Identification System Electro-Optical    TISEO
title     tit.
Time Insertion Unit    TIU
Tactical Jamming System    TJS
tank    tk
tank, truck    tk.,
tanker    tkr
ticket     tkt.
(Chem.) thallium     Tl
total loss, truckload     TL
Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile    TLAM
Tomahawk land attack missile conventional    TLAM-C
Tomahawk land attack missile submunitions warhead    TLAM-D
Tomahawk land attack missile nuclear    TLAM-N
Trailer-launched bridge    TLB
through-life costs, the same as life-cycle costs (LCC)    TLC
treaty-limited equipment    TLE
Target Locating Radar    TLR
Transverse Magnetic    TM
(Chem.) thulium     Tm
trademark     TM
target motion analysis    TMA
Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense    TMD
theater missile defense    TMD
telegraph money order     TMO
ton, town, train     tn.
theater nuclear forces or tactical nuclear forces    TNF
theater nuclear forces, survivability, security and safety    TNFS{3}
training     tng.
Tornado Nose Radar    TNR
Tri-Nitro-Toluene. High explosive used as a filling for various munitions.    TNT
Trinitrotoluene     TNT
tactical nuclear warfare    TNW
Technical Order    TO
telegraph office, turn over     TO
Take-off    T-O
Table of Organization and Equipment    TO&E
time of arrival    TOA
Tactical Operations Area Forecast    TOAF
tactical operations center    TOC
Take-off distance.    TOD
Tactical Optical Disk System    TODS
Trigger-On-Failure    TOF
Take-off gross weight (not necessarily MTOGW)    TOGW
target object map    TOM
tonnage     tonn.
One ton equals 1.016 tones    Tonnes
Total Obscuring Power. A measure of the effectiveness of a smoke screen    TOP
Take Off Performance Monitoring System    TOPMS
topography     topog. or topo.
torpedo    torp
Tactical Operations System     TOS
Time Over Target    TOT
total     tot.
Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided. US anti-tank missile system.    TOW
training practice    TP
troop    tp
title page, township     tp.
Time-phased Force Deployment Data    TPFDD
Time-Phased Force Deployment List    TPFDL
(Eng.) teeth per inch, threads per inch     TPI.
township     tps.
Tactical Petroleum Terminal    TPT
transport    tpt
training practice-tracer    TP-T
Transmitter Processing Unit    TPU
Tactical quiet generator    TQG
total quality management    TQM
Theater Reserves    TR
trillion    tr
(Chem.) terbium     Tr
transitive, translated, translation, translator, transpose, troop, trustel    tr.
Time Reference Angle of Arrival Measurement System    TRAAMS
Total Radiation Aperture Control - Antenna    TRAC-A
Training and Doctrine Command    TRADOC
tragedy, tragic    trag.
The flight path of a projectile from gun to target    Trajectory
Target Recognition and Acquisition Multisensor    TRAM
Target Recognition Attack Multisensor    TRAM
transactions, transferred, translation, translator, transportation, transverse     trans.
Radio transmitter/receiver.    transceiver
U.S. Transportation Command    TRANSCOM
transferred     transf.
translated, translation     transl.
transportation     transp.
Tanks, Racks, Adapters, and Pylons    TRAP
travels     trav.
treasurer, treasury     treas.
treasurer     treasr.
transient radiation effect on electronics    TREE
Tuned Radio Frequency    TRF
(Radio) tuned radio frequency     TRF
Tactical Reconnaissance Group    TRG
training    trg
tributary    trib.
Transportable UHF radio relay equipment (UK)    Triffid
trigonometric, trigonometry     trig.
Tri-Service Tactical Communications program (USA)    TRI-TAC
Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange Service    TRIXS
Terrain Reference Navigation    TRN
tropic, tropical     trop.
International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1983    Tropical Timber 83
International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994    Tropical Timber 94
Technical and rear operations support system    TROSS
Time Reference Scanning Beam    TRSB
Tactical radar threat generator    TRTG
Transmitter/Receiver Unit    TRU
(Phys.) tensile strength, (Chem.) test solution     Ts., T.S.
Tactical Situation Display    TSD
Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption    TSFC
Technical Service Order    TSO
teaspoon, teaspoonful     tsp.
Tornado Self-Protection Jammer    TSPJ
Tri-Service Stand-off Attack Missile    TSSAM
Torpedo Tube    TT
Threshold Test Ban Treaty    TTBT
Tape Transport Cartridge    TTC
Tanker Task Force    TTF
Transistor/Transistor Logic    TTL
Tactical Target Material    TTM
Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures    TTP
Time To Station    TTS
Tanker Transport Training System    TTTS
Triplex Transducer Unit    TTU
Teletypewriter    TTY
Towed unit    TU
(Chem.) thulium     Tu
trade union     TU
Tuesday     Tu.
Tuesday     Tues. or Tue.
Truck, Utility, Heavy    TUH
Truck, Utility, Light    TUL
Truck, Utility, Medium    TUM
Turkey, Turkish     Turk.
television    TV
television., terminal velocity     TV
thrust vector control    TVC
television interference     TVI
track-via-missile    TVM
Tactical water distribution system    TWDS
Track width mine plough    TWMP
Tactical Weapons Management System    TWMS
township     twp.
track-while-scan    TWS
travelling-wave tube    TWT
Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Modernization Plan    TWVMP
Transmit    TX
typographical     typo. or typ.
typographer, typography     typog.