rain, range, rare, red, right, river, roentgen, run.    r.
rabbi, radical, radius, railroad, railway, real, Reaumur, republican, resistance, response, rex, road, rook, rough, royal, ruble, rupee, (Phys.) Resumer, Rankine     R.
Registered mark     :registered:
Research and Development    R & D
Reliability and Maintainability    R&M
(Elec. Eng.) resistance    R(or r)
rear admiral     R. Adm.
(Astron.) right ascension     R.A.
Royal Australian Air Force     R.A.A.F.
Royal Air Force     R.A.F.
Royal Academy of Music     R.A.M.
  (Aero.) rectified air speed     R.A.S.
Royal Society of British Artists    R.B.A.
red blood cells, red blood count    R.B.C.
Royal Society of British Sculptors     R.B.S.
(Civ. Eng.) reinforced concrete    R.C.
Royal Canadian Air Force    R.C.A.F.
radio frequency, rapid-fire     r.f.
(Chem.) reducing flame, (Radio.) radio frequency,
(Eng.) running fit    R.F., r.f.
Royal Geographical Society     R.G.S.
(Metear.) relative humidity, right hand,
Royal highness    R.H. or r.h.
Rhode Island (Phys.) refractive index     R.I.
may be or she or they rest in peace     R.I.P.
Royal Military Academy     R.M.A.
Royal Mail Service, Royal Mail Steamer     R.M.S.
registered nurse, Royal Navy    R.N.
Royal New Zealand Air Force     R.N.Z.A.F.
refused on delivery     R.O.D.
revolutions per minute    r.p.m. or R.P.M.
revolutions per second     r.p.s. or R.P.S.
railroad, rural route    R.R.
right side, Royal Society    R.S.
Royal Scottish Academey    R.S.A.
(F. repondez s’il vous plait)    R.S.V.P.
(Eng.) relief valve     R.V.
(Build.) rain-water pipe     R.W.P.
Calculates position, distance and time from groups of airways beacons.    R/Nav
receiver/transmitter, or radiotelephone, or RadioTelephony     R/T
(Radio.) radiotelephony    R/T
(Chem.) radium     Ra
regular army, royal academy    RA,
Royal Australian Armored Corps    RAAC
Remote anti-armor mine system    RAAMS
Royal Armored Corps    RAC
Rapid Area Clearance Equipment    RACE
radical, radio, radius, radix    rad.
Rapidly Deployable Integrated Command and Control System    RADIC
Royal Australian Engineers Royal Aircraft Establishment    RAE
Royal Air Force (U.K.)    RAF
Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve    RAFVR
Radar Absorptive Material    RAM
random access memory    RAM
Rolling Airframe Missile    RAM
Rapid Anti-personnel Minefield Breaching System    RAMBS
Range surveillance aircraft.    RANSAC
Regimental Aid Post    RAP
rapid     rap.
Reorganized Army Plains Infantry Division    RAPID
radar passive identification system    RAPIDS
Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment    RARDE
Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (Christchurch)    RARDE(C)
Remote Active Spectrometer    RAS
replenishment at sea    RAS
(1) Recovery, assist, secure and traverse (helicopter) (2) radar-augmented subtarget    RAST
Ram air turbine.    RAT
Rocket-assisted take-off    RATO
Radioteletype    RATT
radio access unit    RAU
Rifleman's Assault Weapon    RAW
Robot (Swedish)    Rb
(Chem.) rubidium    Rb
reduced blast/enhanced radiation    RB/ER
red blood corpuscles    RBC
Ribbon bridge erection boat    RBEB
Anti-submarine rocket launcher    RBU
Reserve Component    RC
Riot Control Agents    RCA
Royal Canadian Air Force    RCAF
Remote control, all-terrain vehicle    RCATV
Rescue Control Center, or Regional Control Center    RCC
Rescue Coordination Center or Revolutionary Command Council (Iraq)    RCC
recoilless launcher    RCL
Recoilless. A weapon which eliminates the recoil force by balancing the momentum of the projectile's forward movement by the momentum of a body of gas or solid material ejected rearwards from the breech. Adopted so as to save the weight of a conventional recoil system and carriage or mounting.    RCL
radar-controlled miniature aerial target    RCMAT
remote-control mine disposal system    RCMDS
radar cross-section    RCS
Royal Corps of Transport    RCT
recruit    rct.
Remote-Control Unit    RCU
(Phys.) Rutherford, rod    rd
refer to drawer    RD
Research, Development and Acquisition    RD&A
road, rod, rods, round    rd.
Remote Display/Alarm    RDA
Royal Dutch Air Force    RDAF
Rapid deployment bridge    RDB
relational database management system    RDBMS
Rapid Deployment Force or Radio Direction Finding    RDF
(Radio) radio direction-finder    RDF
Rapid Deployment Imagery Terminal    RDIT
Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force    RDJTF
radar data processor    RDP
rounds per minute    rds/min
rapidly deployable surveillance system    RDSS
Research, Development, Test and Evaluation    RDT&E
Research Department formula X    RDX
range error probable    RE
(Chem.) rhenium     Re
reference, regarding    re.
rupee     Re.
Reaumer (thermometer)     Reaum.
receipt, recipe, record, recorder,
recording, recreation    rec.
reconnaissance    recce
received     recd.
reciprocal, reciprocity     recip.
Reconnaissance    Recon.
receipt, rectangle, rectangular, rector     rect.
Rapid Engineer Deployable, Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer    Red Horse
reduce, reduction     red.
referee, reference, referred, reformation, reformed     ref.
Gas turbine engine fitted with new fan of higher BPR.    refanned
reflection, reflective, reflex, reflexive     refl.
Return of Forces to Germany    REFORGER
refraction     refr.
regiment, region, register, registered, registrar,
regular, regularly, regulation     reg.
registered    regd.
regiment    regt
regent, regiment    regt.
relating, relative, relatively, released
religion, religions     rel.
religion     relig.
Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (USA)    REMBASS
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers    REME
Reliability and Maintainability Information System    REMIS
repair, report, reported, reporter
representative, republic    rep.
Republican    Rep.
replace, replacement    repl.
report    rept.
require, required, required, requisition    req.
required     reqd.
research, reserve, residence, resigned, resolution     res.
respective, respectively    resp.
retain, retired, return, returned     ret.
retained, retired, returned     retd.
revenue, reverend, reverse, review, reviewed, revise, revised, revision, revolution, revolving     rev.
responsive electronic warfare training system    REWTS
Request for Information    RFI
request for information radio frequency interference radio frequency interferometer    RFI
RED FLAG Measurement Debriefing    RFMD
request for proposals    RFP
request for quotations    RFQ
radio frequency surveillance    RFS
Rio Group    RG
red, green and blue. The three primary colors which are used to make up a color display. Implies full color when applied to image generation or display systems.    RGB
Republican Guard Force Command (Iraq)    RGFC
(Chem.) rhodium    Rh
Right-hand drive    RHD
rhetoric     rhet.
range height indicator    RHI
radar homing and warning receiver    RHWR
Rigid inflatable boat    RIB
Readiness in Base Services    RIBS
Royal Internal communications equipment (UK)    RICE
ship-launched surface-to-air missile designator (USA)    RIM
radar intercept officer    RIO
radar information processing post    RIPP
reduced instruction set computer    RISC
Radio Interface Unit    RIU
river     riv.
Royal Jordanian Air Force    RJAF
rocket    rkt
rocket launcher    RL
Royal Logistical Corps    RLC
Regimental Landing Team    RLT
Rolling liquid transporter    RLT
reichsmark    RM
reliability, maintainability and testability    RM&T
ream, room    rm.
Radio magnetic indicator combines compass and navaid bearings.    RMI
Road mine detector    RMID
root mean square    rms
(Chem.) radon     Rn
round     rnd.
Receive Only    RO
Roll On/Roll Off    RO/RO
Required Operational Characteristics    ROC
region operations control center    ROCC
Rules of Engagement    ROE
read only memory    ROM
Roman, Romance, Romanian     Rom.
Rapid operational minefield attack and neutralization system    ROMANS
Research octane number    RON
Rollover protective structure    ROPS
range only radar    ROR
rotating, rotation     rot.
Relocatable Over-The-Horizon Radar    ROTHR
remotely operated vehicle    ROV
Right of way     ROW.
Reverse osmosis water purification unit    ROWPU
reporting post    RP
(Teleg.) reply paid    RP.
revolutions per minute    rpm
repeat, report    rpt.
Remotely Piloted Vehicle    RPV
Radar Reflective Area    RRA
rapid-reaction corps    RRC
Ready Reserve Force or Ready Reserve Fleet    RRF
Rapid runway repair    RRR
reis, rupees     Rs.
Royal Saudi Air Defense Force    RSADF
Royal Saudi Air Force    RSAF
Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Alarm    RSCAAL
radar/sonar display unit    RSDU
Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic    RSFSR
Royal Saudi Land Force    RSLF
receiver sidelobe suppression    RSLS
Royal School of Military Engineering    RSME
Royal Signals and Radar Establishment (UK)    RSRE
Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition    RSTA
Remote Status Unit    RSU
rotating surveillance vehicle platform    RSVP
radiotelephone     RT
right     rt.
Rail transfer equipment    RTE
route    rte.
Rough terrain forklift    RTFL
Real-Time Nephanalysis    RTNEPH
Radioteletype    RTTY
(Chem.) ruthenium     Ru.
Rumania, Rumanian     Rum.
Russia, Russian    Russ.
re-entry vehicle    RV
Revised Version(of the Bible)    RV
Runway visual range.    RVR
Reconnaissance Wing    RW
Radio Wire Integration    RWI
Radar Warning Receiver    RWR
railway     Rwy. or ry.
receive    RX