pawn, (Chem.) phosphorus, pressure     P
page, part, participle, past, penny, per peseta
 peso, piano, pint, pipe, pitch, pole, population
 post, port power, pro     p.
Pan American Union     P. A. U.
profit and loss     P. and L.
annually     p.a.
percent, petty cash, postal card     p.c.
pett cash, police constable, privy council     P.C.
by the day     P.D.
probable error     P.E.
International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists     P.E.N.
postgraduate     P.G.
Professional Golfers’ Association    P.G.A.
public health, Purple Heart     P.H.
partial loss, private line     P.L.
post meridiem    p.m.
paymaster, permanent magnet, postmaster, postmortem, prime minister, provost marshal     P.M.
promissory note     P.N.
petty officer, postal order, post office     P.O.
post office box     P.O.B. or POB.
pay on delivery, post office department     P.O.D.
previous question    p.q.
Province of Quebec     P.Q.
Proportional representation, public relations,
Puerto Rico    P.R.
puplic relations officer     P.R.O.
postscript, public school     P.S.
pounds per square foot     p.s.f.
pounds per square inch     p.s.i.
please turn over     P.T.O.
prisoner of war     P.W.
Public Works Administration     P.W.A.
preplanned product improvements    P{3}I
Power Amplifier    PA
Public Affairs    PA
(Chem.) protactinium     Pa
Public or passenger address.    PA system
Pennsylvania     Pa.
Principal anti-air missile system    PAAMS
private automatic branch exchange    PABX
penetration aid carrier    PAC
Pacific     Pac.
Post Attack Command and Control System (USA)    PACCS
Pacific Command    PACOM
position and azimuth determining system    PADS
permissive action link    PAL
pamphlet    pam.
Panama     Pan.
Polyalphaolefin    PAO
Public Affairs Officer    PAO
phased-array radar    PAR
paragraph, parallel, parenthesis, parish     par.
paratroop / parachute    para
Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting    PARC
perimeter acquisition radar characterization system    PARCS
Portable secure speech equipment (US)    Parkhill
participle, particular     part.
SI unit of pressure = 1 Nm{-2}.    Pascal
passenger, passive     pass.
patent     pat.
pathological, pathology     path. or pathol.
phased-array radars    Pave Paws
passenger/passenger transport aircraft (in Military Balance)    pax
payment     payt.
Patrol boat (includes OPVs and US Coast Guard cutters)    PB
Pyridostigmine bromide    PB
Coast Guard Patrol Vessel    PB (CG)
Police Patrol Vessel    PB (Pol)
(Chem.) lead     Pb,
River Patrol boat    PBCR
post boost vehicle    PBV
Power-by-wire.    PBW
Private Branch Exchange    PBX
personal computer    PC
piece, prices     pc.
Permanent Court of Arbitration    PCA
Persistent Chemical Agent Simulant    PCAS
printed circuit board    PCB
patrol craft, coastal /inshore/ offshore/riverine/harbor (in Military Balance)    PCC/I/O/R/H
Positive Combat Identification Task Force    PCITF
Pulse code modulation    PCM
 pieces     pcs.
percent     pct.
portable control unit    PCU
project definition. A phase in an equipment project after a feasibility study and before full development and production    PD
(Chem.) Palladium     Pd
Pulse Doppler.    PD radar
paid     pd.
Pursuit deterrent mine    PDM
point defense missile system    PDMS
pounder    pdr
Portable Dose Rate Meter    PDRM
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen [Yemen (Aden) or South Yemen]; used for information dated before 22 May 1990 or CY91    PDRY
Plastic explosive    PE
Polyethylene glycol    PEG
peninsula     pen.
Penetration aids, such as jammers, chaff or decoys to help aircraft fly safely through hostile airspace.    penaids
Pennsylvania     Penn. or Penna.
peak envelope power    PEP
period, person     per.
perfect, perforated     perf.
perhaps     perh.
permanent     perm.
perpendicular     perp.
Pilot Eye Respiratory System    PERS
person, personal     pers.
Persia, Persian     Pers.
progress evaluation and review technique. Often summarized in the form of a chart or charts showing critical and other paths of various project stages and activities    PERT
petroleum     pet.
Pentaeryhtrytoltetranitrate. A high explosive used in cannon projectiles.    PETN
petrology     petrol.
Picofarad    pF
pfennig, preferred     pf.
Parapet foxhole cover    PFC
Private First Class    PFC
fast Patrol craft, coastal/ inshore/ offshore (in Military Balance)    PFC/I/O
Primary flight computer system.    PFCS
preferred     pfd.
preformed fragmentation    PFF
Perfluoroisobutene    PFIB
Pont Flottant Motorize    PFM
fast patrol craft, SSM/ torpedo (in Military Balance)    PFM/T
Partnership for Peace    PFP
Prefabricated foxhole - twin    PFT
page     pg.
Portugal, Portuguese     Pg.
Patrol craft with SSM (in Military Balance)    PGG
Precision Guided Munitions    PGM
Hit probability    Ph
(Chem.) phenyl     ph
phase     ph.
 Bachelor of Philosophy     Ph. B.
Pharmaceutical Chemist     Ph. C.
 Doctor of philosophy     Ph. D.
pharmacopoeia, pharmacy     phar.
pharmaceutical, pharmacist, pharmacy     pharm.
Doctor of Pharmacy     Pharm. D.
Master of Pharmacy     Pharm. M.
penetration high explosive incendiary    PHEI
Position and heading (or homing) indicator.    PHI
programmer's hierarchical interactive graphics system    PHIGS
philosophical, philosophy, philol., philological,
philology     phil.
Philadelphia     Phila.
philosopher, philosophical, philosophy    philos.
hydrofoil, SSM/torpedo (in Military Balance)    PHM/T
phonetics     phon.
photographic, photography     photog.
phrase     phr.
Public Health Service     PHS.
Physical, physician, physics    phys.
physiologist, physiology     physiol.
Product improvement    PI
piaster     pi. or pias.
Point Initiating, Base Detonating. A type of fuse used with shaped charge projectiles and which is located at the tip of the projectile in order to strike the target first, but which initiates the shaped charge from the rear end.    PIBD
pilotage en force (control by thrust)    PIF
Protective Integrated Hood Mask    PIHM
Secure communications program (US)    Pilgrim
Primary Identification Number    PIN
product improvement program    PIP
pizzicato    pizz.
pajama     pj.
Kill probability    Pk
pack, park, peak, peek     pk.
package     pkg. or pkge.
peacekeeping operation    PKO
packet     pkt.
parkway     pkwy.
platoon    Pl
postal laws and regulations     PL and R.
place, plate, plural     pl.
plateau, platoon     plat.
plantiff    plf.
Phase Locked Loop    PLL
Palestine Liberation Organization    PLO
Position Locating Reporting System    PLRS
Palletized load system    PLS
Palletized Loader System    PLS
Precision Location Strike System    PLSS
Platoon    Plt
plural     plu.
Program Loader Verifier    PLV
Program/project/product Manager    PM
premium     pm.
(Chem.) promethium     Pm.
Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory    PMAL
passive missile approach warning system    PMAWS
Partially Mission Capable    PMC
Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory    PMEL
postmark     pmk.
Pastoral Ministry Team    PMT
payment     pmt.
Pilot Night Vision System    PNVS
(Chem.) polonium     Po,
primed oscillator expendable transponder    POET
Psychological Operations Group    POG
probability of intercept    POI
Petroleum (Petrol), Oil and Lubricants    POL
Political     pol.
Poland, Polish     Pol.
political, politician     polit.
polytechnic     poly. or polytech.
Pre-positioning of Material Configured to Unit Sets    POMCUS
Portable mine neutralization system    POMINS
pontoon     pon.
Pipeline outfit, petroleum    POP
popular, popularly, population     pop.
portrait     por.
Left side, looking forward.    port
Portugal, Portuguese     Port.
position, positive     pos.
possessive     poss.
passive optical seeker technology    POST
potential     pot.
production off-the-shelf    POTS
Prisoner of War    POW
prisoner of war    POW.
peak to peak    p-p
pages, past participle, postpaid, prepaid     pp.
Positive Pressure Breathing and Gravity    PPB&G
postpaid, prepaid     ppd.
plan position indicator    PPI
parts per million    ppm
purchasing-power parity    PPP
pulses per second    pps
precipitate     ppt.
precipitation     pptn.
(Chem.) Praseo dymium, (Chem.) propyl    Pr
pair, pairs, paper, power, preference, preferred,
present, price, priest, printed, printing, pronoun     pr.
Prince     Pr.
People's Republic of China    PRC
preceding     prec.
predicate     pred.
preface, preference, preferred, prifx    pref.
preliminary     prelim.
premium     prem.
preparatory, prepare, preposition    prep.
prepared     prepd.
preparing     prepg.
preparation     prepn.
Pre-positioned    PREPO
Glassfiber cloth or rovings pre-impregnated with resin to simplify layup.    prepreg
present, president     pres.
previous     prev.
pulse repetition frequency    PRF
proof     prf.
pulse repetition interval    PRI
primary, primitive     prim.
principal     prin.
privative     priv.
probable, probably, problem    prob.
proceedings     proc.
production     prod.
proffessor     prof.
Programmable Read-Only Memory    PROM
pronoun, pronounced     pron.
probeller, property, propostion     prop.
prosody     pros.
protestant     prot.
province, provincial, provisional     prov.
proximo     prox.
Production Readiness Review    PRR
pairs     prs.
Chloropicrin    PS
pieces     ps.
Prefabricated surface, aluminium    PSA
principal surface combatant    PSC
packet switched digital network    PSDN
pseudonym, psedonymos     pseud.
Pounds per square inch    psi
Phase Shift Keying    PSK
polar satellite launch vehicle    PSLV
programmable signal processor    PSP
power supply and system selector unit    PSSSU
Public Switched Telephone Network    PSTN
power supply unit    PSU
psychological, psychology     psych.
psychologist, psychology     psychol.
Psychological Operation    PSYOP
Psychological Operations    PSYOPS
(Chem.) platinum     Pt
part, payment, pint, pints, point, port     pt.
peseta      pta.
Tactical mobile area communications system (UK)    Ptarmigan Provisional Tactical Airlift Squadron    PTAS
private     pte.
Polytetrafluoroethylene    PTFE
printing     ptg.
Power take-off    PTO
parts, payments, pints, points, ports    pts.
Press-To-Talk, or Post-Telegraph and Telephone administration    PTT
Protection Training Unit    PTU
proprietary     pty.
(Chem.) plutonium     Pu.,
public, publication, published, publisher, publishing     pub.
public    publ
Publication, published     publ.
Passive underwater fire control system    PUFFS
Radar sending out pulses and measuring frequency-shift to detect returns only from moving target(s) in background clutter.    pulse Doppler
polyvinyl chloride. A plastic material.    PVC
Homeland Defense Force (Russia)    PVO
private     pvt.
primary war headquarters    PWHQ
Pressurized water reactor    PWR
power     pwr.
prepositioned war reserve stocks    PWRS
Pennyweight     pwt.
Structure linking aircraft to external load (engine nacelle, drop tank, bomb etc).    pylon