Joules, SI unit of energy.    J
(Phys.)mechanical equivalent of heat     J
journal, judge, justice     J.
joint account, judge advocate     J. A.
Jesus Christ     J.C.
 Bachelor of Civil Law     J.C.B.
 Doctor of Civil Low     J.C.D.
 Doctor of Law     J.D.
jutice of the peace     J.P.
junior varsity     J.V.
Manpower & Personnel Directorate (Joint)    J-1
Intelligence Directorate (Joint)    J-2
Operations Directorate (Joint)    J-3
Logistics Directorate (Joint)    J-4
Strategic Plans & Policy Directorate (Joint)    J-5
Command, Control & Communications Systems Directorate (Joint)    J-6
Operational Plans & Interoperability Directorate (Joint)    J-7
Force Structure Resource & Assessment Directorate (Joint)    J-8
January    Ja.
Joint Airworthiness Authorities.    JAA
Joint Air Attack Team    JAAT
Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System    JACADS
Judge Advocate General    JAG
Land-based ground attack aircraft    Jaguar
Jamming Guarded Radio VHF Frequency-Hopping Radio System (UK)    Jaguar-V
Joint Atomic Intelligence Committee    JAIC
Jamica     Jam.
Joint Automated Message Program    JAMPS
January     Jan.
Japan, Japanese     Jap.
Joint Airworthiness Requirements, agreed by all major EC countries    JAR
Japanese air self-defense force    JASDF
Joint Advanced Tactical C{3} System    JATCCCS
Jet-assisted take-off    JATO
(Aero.) jet-assisted take-off     Jato.
Javanese     Jav.
juvenile     jav.
Japan Civil Airworthiness Board.    JCAB
Joint Communications Electronics Operations Instructions    JCEOI
Joint Captured Material Exploitation Center    JCMEC
Joint Chiefs of Staff    JCS
Joint Communications Support Element    JCSE
Japan Defense Agency.    JDA
Joint U.S./Saudi Directorate of Planning    JDOP
Joint Deployment System    JDS
June    Je.
junction    jet. Or jetn.
Joint Force Air Component Commander.    JFACC
Joint Forces Commander    JFC
Joint Forces Command East    JFC-E
Joint Forces Command North    JFC-N
Joint Forces Land Component Commander    JFLCC
Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander    JFMCC
Joint Forces Special Operations Component Commander    JFSOCC
Japanese ground self-defense force    JGSDF
Joint Information Bureau    JIB
Joint Intelligence Center    JIC
Joint Interoperability Evaluation System    JIES
Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems    JINTACCS
Joint Imagery Production Center    JIPC
Joint Intelligence Survey Team    JIST
Joint Movement Control Center    JMCC
Joint maritime command information system    JMCIS
Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual    JMEM
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.    JMSDF
Joint Operations Planning and Execution System    JOPES
journal, journeyman     jour.
jet propulsion     Jp
Joint Primary Aircraft Training System.    JPATS
Joint Planning and Execution Community    JPEC
Joint Project Office    JPO
Joint Program Office for Biological Defense    JPO-Bio
Jet Propellant Thermally Stable    JPTS
junior    jr.
Jaguar Rover Australia    JRA
Joint Reconnaissance Center    JRC
Joint Rescue Coordination Center    JRCC
Joint Staff    JS
Johnson Space Center    JSC
Joint Service Coordinating Committee for Chemical Defense Equipment    JSCC-CDE
Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan    JSCP
Japanese Self-Defense Force    JSDF
Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses    JSEAD
Joint Services flail unit    JSFU
Joint Service Imagery Processing System    JSIPS
Joint Service operation requirement    JSOR
Joint Special Operations Task Force    JSOTF
Joint Strategic Planning System    JSPS
joint surveillance system    JSS
joint strategic airborne reconnaissance system    JSTARS
Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System    JSTARS
US Air Force/Navy Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System     J-STARS
Joint Tactical Missile System    JTACMS
Joint Target Coordination Board    JTCB
Joint Task Force    JTF
Joint Task Force Middle East    JTFME
Joint Tactical Fusion Program    JTFP
Joint Tactical Information Distribution System    JTIDS
Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures    JTTP
Joint Uniform Lessons Learned    JULL
June    Jun.
Junction     junc.
 Doctor of Law.    Jur. D.
July    Jy.