hour(s)    h
(Magn.) magnetic field intensity (strength),
magnetizing force    H
(Chem.) hydrogen, (Min.)hardness    H
(Elec. Eng.) henry    H(or h)
harbor, hard, hardness, height, henry, heroin, high, hour(s), house, hundred, husband     h.
Her Highness, His Highness, His Holiness     H. H.
(Surv.) height of instrument     H. I. (or HI)
Her Imperial Majesty, His Imperial Majesty    H. I.M.
His(or Her) Britannic Majesty     H.B.M.
Holy Communion, House of Commons     H.C.
(Maths.) highest common divisor    H.C.D.
(Maths.) highest common factor     H.C.F.
high cost of living     H.C.L.
heavy-duty     H.D.
high explosive, His Eminence, His Excellency     H.E.
(Elec. Eng.) High Frequency     H.F.
Her Imperial Highness, His Imperial Highness    H.I.H.
 here lies    H.J.
 here lies buried     H.J.S.
House of Lords    H.L.
Her Majesty, His Majesty     H.M.
Her Majesty’s Ship, His Majesty’s Ship     H.M.S.
high pressure    H.P.
Headquarters     H.Q.
House Representatives     H.R.
Her (or His) Royal Highness    H.R.H.
 in this sense     h.s.
high school    H.S.
 Here is buried     H.S.E.
(Meteor.) high-speed steel     H.S.S.
high-tension     H.T.
(Elec. Eng.) high voltage, high velocity     h.v. or HV
High viscosity index     H.V.I.
Heavy Armor    HA
hectare     ha.
Hardened Aircraft Bunker    HAB
Heavy assault bridge    HAB
Commission on Human Settlements    Habitat
heavy armored combat vehicle    HACV
Digital message handling equipment (Sweden)    HADAR
High altitude, long endurance    HALE
handbook    handbk.
high-speed anti-radar missile    HARM
High Speed Antiradiation Missile    HARM
Hardened Aircraft Shelter    HAS
US House Armed Services Committee.    HASC
(Maths.) haversine    hav.
Anti-jam radio system (US)    Have Quick
Heavy Barrel    HB
hemoglobin     Hb.
High bypass ratio (engine).    HBPR
Hexachloroethane/zinc screening smoke mixture used in smoke grenades and mortar bombs. Also called Berger Composition after its inventor.    HC
human/computer interface    HCI
Hydrogen cyanide    HCN
Hybrid Collective Protection Equipment    HCPE
Distilled mustard    HD
Mustard agent (persistent non-lethal)    HD
hand, head     hd.
handbook    hdbk.
head-down display    HDD
handkerchief    hdkf.
headquarters    hdqrs.
Heavy-duty recovery vehicle    HDRV
Heavy dry support bridge    HDSB
High-Definition Television    HDTV
hardware    hdwe.
High Explosive    HE
(Chem.) helium    He
High Explosive, Anti-Tank    HEAT
Hebrew(s)    Heb.
Unit of pressure, Pa x 100.    hectopascal (hPa)
high explosive incendiary    HEI
high explosive incendiary-tracer    HEI-T
helicopter    hel
High Energy Laser    HEL
Human Engineering Laboratory, Battalion Artillery Test    HELBAT
High Energy Laser Experimental    HELEX
Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck    HEM'17
Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer    HEMAT
High Altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse     HEMP
Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck     HEMTT
high-explosive plastic    HEP
heraldry     her.
high-explosive squash-head    HESH
Heavy Equipment Transporter    HET
high explosive-tracer    HE-T
hexagon, hexagonal     hex.
High Frequency    HF
(Chem.) hafnium    Hf,
half., high frequency     hf.
HF Intra-task Force Communications     HFIC
hectogram(s), hemoglobin    hg.
 mercury     Hg.
height    hgt.
Heavy goods vehicle    HGV
Headquarters and Headquarters Company    HHC
hogshead(s)     hhd.
hand-held laser rangefinder    HHLR
Specific time at which operations commence    H-Hour
hand-held thermal imager    HHTI
High Density Airspace Control Zone    HIDACZ
high-power acquisition radar    HIPAR
historical, historian, history    hist.
High Ignition Temperature Propellant    HITP
Mustard-Lewisite mixture    HL
hectoliter     hl.
high-level language (used in computer systems, for instance Ada, FORTRAN, COBOL, C, and so forth.)    HLL
Heavy logistic vehicle, wheeled    HLVW
hectometer    hm.
Helicopter mine dispenser    HMD
Heavy Machine Gun    HMG
hard mobile launcher    HML
High mobility materiel handling equipment    HMMHE
(also "humvee") High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle    HMMWV
Heavy material recovery team    HMRT
High mobility trailer    HMT
High mobility tactical truck    HMTT
Nitrogen mustard    HN
Host-nation Support    HNS
Hands on cyclic and collective.    HOCAC
homing overlay experiment    HOE
home-on-jam    HOJ
honor-honorable, honorary    hon.
Honduras    Hond.
horizontal, horizon, horology     hor.
Power developed or applied    Horsepower (hp)
horticultural, horticulture     hort.
hospital     hosp.
High-subsonic Optically Teleguided    HOT
Hands on throttle and stick.    HOTAS
howitzer    how
horse power    hp
horsepower    hp.
high-power amplifier    HPA
high power illuminator    HPI
Headquarters    HQ
Headquarters, Department of the Army    HQ DA
hour, hours    hr.
(G. Herr) Mr    Hr.
hours    hrs.
Heavy repair vehicle    HRV
Home Service    HS
Horizontal situation indicator    HSI
high tension    HT
height     ht.
High Test Calcium Hypochlorite    HTH
hard target kill probability    HTKP
Hard Target Penetrator Munitions    HTPM
Heavy tracked tractor    HTT
Head-up display    HUD
Heads-Up Display    HUD
human intelligence    HUMINT
Human Resources Intelligence    HUMINT
Hungarian, Hungary     Hung.
High Value Airborne Assets    HVAA
High-velocity aircraft rocket.    HVAR
hypervelocity gun    HVG
High Volume Information Transfer (US)    HVIT
hypervelocity missile    HVM
Horizontal volute spring suspension    HVSS
heavy    hvy.
High-water mark     HWM
heavy-weight torpedo    HWT
highway     hwy.
heavy    hy
henry    hy.
hydraulics, hydrostatics     hyd.
hydraulics     hydraul.
Secure ship-to-shore communications systems (US)    Hydrus
hypothesis, hypothetical     hyp.or hypoth.
Hertz    Hz