Commonwealth    C
Copyrighted    :copyright:
(Chem.) carbon, (Elec. Eng.) current, (Phys.) centigrade Celsius, a hundred dollar bill    C
(Phys.) speed of light in vaccum, cycle, candle, concentration, curie    c
about, Capacity, cent, cents, center, centigrade, centime, centimeter, century, chapter, copyright,
cubic, cup, cycle Capacitance, Coulomb    c.
Cape, Catholic, Celtic, centigrade, conservative    C.
Central America, chief accountant, Coast Artillery, commercial agent, controller of accounts,
current account    C. A.
cost and freight    C. A. F., C.F.
civil air regulations    C. A. R.
Cost and freight    C. and F. or C.A.F, C.F.
Capitals and lower case    C. and LC.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation    C. B. C.
cash before delivery    C. B. D.
carbon copy, chief clerk    C. C.
Chinese communist forces, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (of Canada)    C. C. F.
civil defense, (F. corps diplomatique) diplomatic corps, (Elec. Eng.) current density.    C. D.
Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer    C. E
centrifugal force, coast and freight    C. F.
cost, freight and insurance    C. F. I.or c.f&i.
cubic feet per minute    C. F. M.
cubic feet per second    C. F. S
center of gravity, coast guard    C. G.
clearing house, courthouse-customhouse.    C. H.
cast iron, certificate of insurance, cost and insurance.    C. I.
Centeral Intelligence Agency    C. I. A.
Criminal Investigation Department (Scotland Yard)    C. I. D.
Cost, insurance, and freight (included
in the price quoted)    C. I. F.
commander in chief    C. in C.
Chief Justice    C. J.
central nervous system    C. N. S.
commanding officer, conscientious objector    C. O.
cash on delivery    C. O. D.
cash on shipment – chief of staff    C. O. S.
cash with order, chief warrant officer    C. O. W.
Chamber of Commerce    C. of C.
Chief of Staff    C. of S.
center of pressure, chemically pure,
communist party, custom of port.    C. P.
certified public accountant    C. P. A.
cost plus fixed fee    C. P. F. F.
cycles per minute    C. P. M.
cycles per second.    C. P. S.
(Electronics) cathode ray Tube.    C. R. T.
Chief of staff, civil service, conditioned stimulus    C. S.
central standard time    C. S. T
chemical warfare    C. W.
Catholic Youth Organization    C. Y. O.
Canal Zone    C. Z.
(Elect. Eng.) continuous current    C.C.
centimeter, gram, second (system)    C.G.S or cgs
cost, insurance, and freight    c.i.f.
credit note    C.N.
conditional reflex, conditioned response.    C.R.
Construction (or constructor's) number.    c/n
care of    c/o.
Counter-rotating propellers of multi-engined aircraft turning in opposite directions on different axes (compare contrarotating).    C/R
cycles per second    c/s
command and control    C{2}
command, control and communications    C{3}
command, control and communications countermeasures    C{3}CM
Command, control, communications and intelligence    C{3}I
command, control, communications, computers and intelligence    C{4}I
command and control    C2
Command, Control, and Communications    C3
Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence    C31
Coordination, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Center    C31C
Command, Control, Communications Countermeasures    C3CM
Command, Control, Communications, and Computers    C4
Civil Affairs    CA
Heavy cruiser    CA
Centare    ca
(Chem.) calcium    Ca
chartered account, current account    CA
Civil Aviation Authority. The name of the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority in a number of countries.    CAA
(Aero.) Civil Aviation Authority    CAA
Computer-Aided Action Information System    CAAIS
Civil Aeronautics Board    CAB
Central American Common Market    CACM
computer assisted command system    CACS
close-in air defense    CAD
Computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacture.    CAD/CAM
commutated, antenna direction finder    CADF
computer-aided design, manufacture and test    CADMAT
Consolidated Air Defense Order of Battle    CADOB
Chemical Agent Decontamination Simulant    CADS
(Eng.) computer-aided engineering    CAE
Council of Arab Economic Unity    CAEU
Canadian Air Force    CAF
Computer Aided Force Management System    CAFMS
Center for Anti-Fratricide Technology    CAFT
Cold-mist Aerosol Generator    CAG
Computer-assisted instruction.    CAI
calibration    Cal
Caliber - the diameter of a gun barrel also used for measuring length of the barrel.    Cal
calendar, caliber, (Phys.) calorie, calories    cal
Computer- assisted learning    CAL
California    Cal. or Calif
calculate, calculated    Calc.
Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile    CALCM
Crane attachment lorry mounted    CALM
Chemical Agent Monitor    CAM
(comp.) computer, aided manufacturing, content addressable memory    CAM
Computer Aided Munitions Identification System    CAMIS
Computer Assisted Message Processing System    CAMPS
Core Automated Maintenance System    CAMS
Andean Community of Nations    CAN
cannon    can
Canada, Canadian    Can. or Canad.
Convulsant Antidote for Nerve Agents    CANA
Canceled    canc. or can.
Candian    Cand
Canadian French    CandFr.
Combined Arms in a Nuclear/Chemical Environment study    CANE
computer-aided navigation equipment    CANE
of Combridge    Cantab.
Combat Air Patrol    CAP
(Food Sci.) controlled Atmosphere packing.    CAP
capacity, capital, capitalize, capitalized    cap
Chemical Agent Point Detection System    CAPDS
capaitals, capsule    caps
Captin    capt
Civil Airworthiness Regulations.    CAR
Chemical Agent Resistant Coating    CARC
cardinal    card
Caribbean Community and Common Market    CARICOM
Chemical Agent Resistant Material    CARM
Chemical Agent Remote Monitor System    CARMS
Close Air Support or Combat Ammunition System    CAS
Chief of the Air Staff    CAS
Casualty evacuation.    casevac
Conventionally Armed Stand-off Missiles    CASM
command active sonobuoy system    CASS
Close Air Support Summary    CASSUM
corps airborne standoff radar    CASTOR
Compact Air Supply Unit    CASU
category    Cat
Chemical Agents Tracer    CAT
Crisis Action Team    CAT
catalog, catechism    cat
(Radiol.) computer-aided tomography scanner.    CAT Scanner
Cathedral    cath
Catholic    Cath
Combined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System    CATIES
Chemical Agent Training Mixture    CATM
(Telecomm.) Community antenna television.    CATV
Central Alarm Unit    CAU
Cavalry    CAV
cavalry    cav
Battle cruiser    CB
Chemical-biological    CB
citizen's band mobile radio communications    CB
(Meteor.) cumulonimbus,(Chem.) columbium, niobium.    Cb(or Nb)
Chemical and Biological Defense Agency    CBDA
Chemical and Biological Defense Command    CBDCOM
Chemical and Biological Defense Establishment    CBDE
California bearing ratio, measure of ability of airfield surface (paved or not) to support aircraft.    CBR
Chemical, biological and radiological    CBR
Council of the Baltic Sea States    CBSS
combat    cbt
computer-based terminal.    CBT
Cluster Bomb Unit    CBU
chemical and biological warfare    CBW
close combat    CC
cruiser    cc
cubic centimeter(s)    cc
(Meteor.) Cirrocumulus    Cc.
Contamination Control Area    CCA
Customs Cooperation Council    CCC
Command, Control and Communications    CCC (C{3})
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence    CCCI (C{3}I)
Camouflage, Concealment and Deception    CCD
charge-coupled device    CCD
Commercial construction equipment    CCE
Continuously Computed Impact Point    CCIP
command and control information system    CCIS
conventional cruise missile    CCM
Combined Control and Reporting Center    CCRC
Chaparral Chassis Service Life Extension Program    CCSLEP
combat-capable trainer    Cct
closed-circuit television    CCTV
Control configured vehicle.    CCV
Counterclockwise    ccw.
Circular dispersion    CD
(Chem.) cadmium    Cd
cord, cords    cd.
Deployment Day    C-Day
Caribbean Development Bank    CDB
Cast Double Base    CDB
Centers for Disease Control    CDC
Combat Direction Center    CDC
Chemical Defense Establishment    CDE
Chemical defense equipment    CDE
code division multiple access    CDMA
commando    cdo
Chemical downwind report(s)    CDR
Commander    cdr.
compact disc - read-only memory    CD-ROM
Chemical Decontamination Training Facility    CDTF
Chemical Defense Ventilator System    CDVS
Council of Europe    CE
(Chem.) cerium    Ce
Combat emplacement excavator    CEE
Central European Initiative    CEI
Celtic    Celt.
Message terminal (UK)    Celtic
Combined Effects Munitions    CEM
Cement    cem.
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance; also known as CMEA or Comecon; abolished 1 January 1991    CEMA
Civil Engineering Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, and Training    CEMIRT
Centeral    cen.
centigrade, central, century    cent
Central Command, Air Force Component    CENTAF
Central Command    CENTCOM
Chemical Explosive Ordnance Disposal    CEOD
Circular Error Probable    CEP
Computer Enhanced Radio Emission Surveillance    CERES
certificate, certified, certify.    cert
Civil Engineering Squadron    CES
Communications Equipment Support Element    CESE
Combat Engineering Tractor    CET
Communications control system    CETAC
Combat Engineer Vehicle    CEV
(Chem.) californium.    Cf,
compare.    cf.
Constant false alarm rate    CFAR
Conventional Forces in Europe.    CFE
cubic foot of gas per day    CFGPD
Crane, field, medium    CFM
Carbonfiber reinforced plastics    CFRP
Conformal Fuel Tank    CFT
cavalry fighting vehicle    CFV
Commanding General    CG
Contadora Group    CG
Missile cruiser    CG
centigram(s)    cg. or cgm.
SAM cruiser/with helicopters/nuclear-fuelled (in Military Balance)    CG/H/N
computer-generated image/imagery. Application of computer graphics techniques to generate images, generally for transmission of real-time imagery to a related but separate display system.    CGI
chain(s), champion, chaplain, chapter – chief,
child, children, church.    ch.
channel    chan.
chaplain, chapter    chap.
chemical, chemist, chemistry    chem.
Charge    chg.
Chinese    Chin.
Civilian Hood Mask    CHM
chairman    chm.
Distance from leading-edge to trailing-edge measured parallel to longitudinal axis.    chord
chronical., chronology    chron.or chronicles1031
Container handling unit    CHU
Civilian Internees    CI
Cirrus    Ci.
Central Intelligence Agency    CIA
company    cia.
Combat Information Center    CIC
Close-In Fire Support    CIFS
Commander-in-Chief    CINC
Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command    CINCCENT
Commander-in-chief, European Command    CINCEUR
Commander-in-chief, Atlantic Command    CINCLANT
Commander-in-Chief, Military Airlift Command    CINCMAC
Commander-in-chief, Pacific Command    CINCPAC
Commander-in-chief, Strategic Air Command    CINCSAC
Commander-in-Chief U.S. Space Command    CINCSPACE
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Transportation    CINCTRANS
Commander-in-Chief U.S. Transportation Command    CINCTRANSCOM
Commander-in-Chief, Military Airlift Command    CINMAC
Central region communications improvement program (NATO)    CIP-67
continuous infra-red    CIR
circular    cir. or circ.
command (or combat) information system    CIS
Commonwealth of Independent States    CIS
combined interrogator/transponder    CIT
citation, cited, citizen    cit.
civilian police (in Military Balance)    civ pol
Civil, civilian.    civ.
close-in weapon system    CIWS
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff    CJCS
Cyanogen chloride    CK
cask, check    ck.
Component knock-down    CKD
Light cruiser    CL
(Chem.) chlorine    Cl,
carload, centiliter, class, classification, clause,
close closet, cloth    cl.
Clear lane marking system    CLAMS
British Army tactical communications equipment (UK)    Clansman
Communications security (US)    Clarinet
called, cleared    cld.
(1) In flight configuration with landing gear, flaps, slats etc retracted (2) Without any optional external stores.    clean
Cleared lane explosive widening path charge    CLEWP
Clinical    clin.
Clerk    clk.
clothing    clo.
command to line-of-sight    CLOS
Clear    clr.
capsule launch system    CLS
centimeter    cm
centimeter(s)    cm.
(Chem.) curium    Cm.
Command    cmd or comd.,
command ship    CMDS
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CEMA); also known as Comecon; abolished 1 January 1991    CMEA
Commercial    cml.,
Congressionally Mandated Mobility Study    CMMS
Complementary metal oxide silicon    CMOS
cadmium mercury telluride    CMT
Counter mobility vehicle    CMV
Chloracetophenone. A chemical irritant agent used in riot control munitions.    CN
Center for Naval Analysis    CNA
Codename for tear agent    CNB
Codename for tear agent    CNC
Communications Nodal Control Element    CNCE
communications, navigation and identification    CNI
Cable News Network    CNN
Chief of Naval Operations    CNO
Combat Net Radio    CNR
combat net radio interface    CNRI
Codename for tear agent    CNS
Central Office    CO
Company    CO (Co)
company, county    co.
(Chem.) cobalt.    Co.
command operations center    COC
Combatant Command (Command Authority)    COCOM
Coordinating Committee on Export Controls    COCOM
Cab-over cargo truck    COCT
codex.    cod.
Cab over engine    COE
coefficient    coeff. or coef.
cognate.    cog.
counter-insurgency    COIN
Computer operated instrument system.    COINS
Colossians.    Col.
college, colonel, colonial, colony,
color, colored, column    col.
collection, collector, college, collegiate
collective, colloquial    coll.
colloquial, colloquialism    collq.
Colorado    Colo.
comedy, command, commandant, commander, commerce, commission, commissioner,
committee, common, commonly    com.,
Commander, Airlift Forces    COMALF
Composite Air Operation    COMAO
combined/combination (in Military Balance)    comb
combination, combining    comb.
Civil aircraft carrying both freight and passengers on main deck.    combi
communications center    COMCEN
command    comd
commanding    comdg,
Commander    comdr. or cmdr.
Commandant    comdt.
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CEMA); also known as CMEA; abolished 1 January 1991    Comecon
Communications intelligence    COMINT
Commercial    coml..
commander, commerce, commission
committee, commonwealth    comm.
Commodore    commo.
communications    Comms
Communications Zone    COMMz
comparative – compare – compiled – compiler
composition – compound    comp.
Manportable SATCOM terminal (UK)    Compac
Comparative    Compare.
Contingency Operations Mobility Planning and Execution System    COMPES
Commissioner    comr.
Communications Satellite    COMSAT
Communications Satellite Corporation    Comsat
communications security    COMSEC
Communications Simulator    COMSIM
Commander of Tactical Air Command    COMTAC
Commander, U.S. Air Force, Central Command    COMUSCENTAF
Commander, U.S. Central Command    COMUSCENTCOM
conclusion, consolidate, consul, continued)    con.
Combined nuclear and steam    CONAS
concentrate, concentrated, concentration, concrete    conc.
Concentration    concn.
Conductivity    cond.
conference    conf.
Confederate    Confed.
Congress    Cong.
conjugation, conjuration, conjunctive.    conj.
Connecticut    Conn.
consonant    cons.
Consolidated    consol.
constant, constitution, constitutional, construction    const.
containing, contents, continent,
continental, continued, control    cont.
continued    contd.
containing    contg.
contract, contracted, contraction    contr.
contribution, contributor.    contrib.
Continental United States    CONUS
convention, convertible.    conv.
Coptic    Cop. or Copt.
corner – corrected – correction – corresponding – cortinthians.    cor.
Cornish.    Corn.
corporal, corporation    corp.
corrected, correction, correspondence
corresponding, corrugated    corr.
companies, (Math) cosine, counties    Cos.
Corps Support Command    COSCOM
Cosecant    cosec.
(Math.) cotangent    cot.
commercial off-the-shelf    COTS
Counter obstacle vehicle    COV
company    coy
Colombo Plan    CP
Command Post    CP
Compare, coupon    cp.
Candlepower    CP.
closest point of approach    CPA
coded pulse anti-clutter system    CPACS
compound    cpd.
Collective Protection Equipment    CPE
Characters Per Line    CPL
corporal    cpl.
counts per minute    cpm
Chemical Protective Overgarment    CPOG
command post/observation post    CPOP
Cambridge Parallel Processing    CPP
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation    CPR
cardinal points specification    CPS
Collective Protection System    CPS
central processing unit    CPU
Command Post Exercise    CPX
(Chem.) chromium, chrome    Cr
credit – creditor – crown    cr.
Civil Reserve Air Fleet    CRAF
Optical communications jamming system (US)    Crazy Cat
Battlefield communications jamming system (US)    Crazy Dog
Capsill roller beam    CRB
command (or control) and reporting center    CRC
Control and Reporting Center    CRC
Chemical Research, Development and Engineering Center    CRDEC
Crescendo    cresc.
Criminal    crim.
critical, criticism    crit.
Critical Intelligence Communications    CRITCOM
command (or control) and reporting post    CRP
Combat rubber raiding craft    CRRC
cathode ray tube    CRT
crystalline, crystallized    cryst.
Combat Support    CS
case(s)    cs.
(Chem.) cesium    Cs.
Chinese surface-to-air missile (navy) designator    CSA-N
Combat Search and Rescue    CSAR
Command and stability augmentation system    CSAS
Combat support boat    CSB
cosecant    csc.
Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe    CSCE
Communications Security Control Group    CSCG
Constant-speed drive    CSD
control for submarine discharge torpedo    CSDT
combat systems engineering development site    CSEDS
Combined Service Forces    CSF
Contingency Support Graphic    CSG
computer synthesized image/imagery    CSI
Chemical Systems Laboratory    CSL
control for surface-launched torpedoes    CSLT
corps support missile system    CSMS
consolidated space operations center    CSOC
crew station research and development facility    CSRDF
Common strategic rotary launcher (for air-launched missiles of various types).    CSRL
Chinese surface-to-surface missile designator    CSS
Combat Service Support    CSS
CENTAF Supply Support Agency or Combat Service Support Area    CSSA
Chinese surface-to-surface (navy) missile designator    CSS-N
Combat support trailer    CST
conventional standoff weapon    CSW
Counterterrorism    CT
carat, cent, certificate, count court    ct.
Connecticut    Ct.
comprehensive test ban treaty    CTBT
Combat Training Center    CTC
Central tyre inflation system    CTIS
Counterterrorism Joint Task Force    CTJTF
carton, contangent    ctn.
Center    ctr.
cents, certificates    cts.
copper    Cu,
cubic    cu.
Commercial utility cargo vehicle    CUCV
Common User Digital Information Exchange System    CUDIXS
currency, current    cur.
Aircraft carrier (all categories of fixed-wing aircraft carrier including nuclear-powered)    CV
Convertible    cv. or cvt.
aircraft carrier/nuclear -fuelled/V/STOL and hel. (in Military Balance)    CV/N/V/S
Aircraft Carrier Battle Group    CVBG
aircraft carrier, nuclear-powered    CVN
Cockpit voice recorder.    CVR
Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)    CVR(T)
continuously variable slope delta (modulation)    CVSD
aircraft carrier, medium-sized    CVV
chemical warfare/weapons    CW
continuous wave    CW
clockwise    cw.
Chemical Warfare Directional Detector    CWDD
Conventional Weapons Enhanced Penetration    CWEP
Contingency Weather Package    CWP
container weapon system    CWS
hundred weight    cwt.
cruciform wing weapon    CWW
Phosgene oxime    CX
calendar year    CY
cyclopedia    cyc or cycl.
Cymric    cym.
Chinese space launch vehicle designator    CZ
Combat Zone Mobile Communication System    CZMCS