26. The Prophet’s Guidance in Walking and Sitting
**    He (Peace be upon him) used to walk leaning forward as if descending from a slope. His walk was distinguished by speed, good form and calmness.

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to walk barefoot or wearing shoes.

**    He (Peace be upon him) would ride camels, horses, mules and donkeys. He rode horses sometimes saddled and sometimes unsaddled, and he would mount someone either behind him or in front of him.

**    He (Peace be upon him) would sit either on the ground, on a straw mat or on a small rug.

**    He (Peace be upon him) would recline on a cushion, either on his right or left side.

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to sit squatting and sometimes lie down and might put one leg on the other. And he might lean on one of his companions when feeling weak.

**    He (Peace be upon him) prohibited sitting in an area between the shade and the sun.

**    He (Peace be upon him) disliked that people leave a meeting without having mentioned Allah and said, “Whoever sits in a gathering in which Allah is not mentioned will find regret [in himself] from Allah.” 

**    He (Peace be upon him) said: "Whoever sits in a place in which there is much effusive talk should say prior to getting up from his seat: 'Subhaanak-Allaahumma wa bihamdik. Ash-hadu alla ilaaha illa ant. Astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilayk.'

(Glorified are You, O Allah, and praised. I testify that there is no god except You. I ask your forgiveness and repent to You). Then Allah will forgive him whatever occurred in that assembly."