24. The Prophet’s Guidance in Greeting and Asking Permission
**    It was from his guidance to greet people at his arrival and upon leaving. And he (Peace be upon him) instructed spreading the greeting of "As-salaamu `alaykum" (Peace be upon you).

**    He (Peace be upon him) said “The young should greet the elderly, the one passing should greet the one sitting, the one riding should greet the one walking and the smaller number should greet the larger number.” 

He (Peace be upon him) was the first to greet anyone he met, and when someone greeted him he immediately replied with a similar greeting or a better one, unless there was a reason not to, such as during prayer or when relieving himself.

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to begin by saying: “As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah. He disliked beginning with: “Alaykas-salam”, but would reply to a Muslim's greeting by saying: “Wa`alaykas-salam” (And upon you be peace).

**    When greeting a large number of people and one's greeting would not be heard, he (Peace be upon him) would repeat it three times.

**    It was of his guidance that one who enters a mosque should first perform two rak`ahs of prayer for greeting the mosque before greeting people.

**    He (Peace be upon him) never replied to a greeting with his hand, his head or his finger except during prayer, when he would reply with a signal.

**    He (Peace be upon him) passed by some boys and greeted them, and he passed by a group of women and greeted them. His companions used to pass by an old woman after the Friday prayer and greet her.

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to send his greetings to someone absent and convey the greetings of others. And when someone brought a greeting to him he would reply, "And the same for him who conveyed it."

**    He (Peace be upon him) was asked, "When a man meets his brother Muslim should he bow to him? He (Peace be upon him) replied, "No." He was asked, "Should he kiss him? He (Peace be upon him) said, "No". He was asked, "Should he shake his hand?" He (Peace be upon him) said, "Yes."

**    He (Peace be upon him) never used to surprise his family unexpectedly as though distrusting them. He used to greet them and begin by asking about them.

**    When he (Peace be upon him) entered upon his family at night he greeted them in a way that could be heard by those awake but not awaken those asleep. 

**    It was from his guidance that when someone sought permission to enter and was asked: "Who is it?", he should reply with his full name or his nickname, but not say: "It's me".

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to ask permission three times, and if he did not hear it would leave.

**    He (Peace be upon him) used to teach his companions to greet before asking for permission to enter.

**    When he (Peace be upon him) came to someone's door he would not stand facing the door but would wait at its right or left corner. He said, “Permission [to enter] is sought due to eyesight.”