The Guide
He is the One Who guides His creatures and helps them pursue their interests and sustenance and avoid harmful things; and He is the One Who guides His accountable servants to the path of good and the path of evil, as well as the path of salvation and the path of ruin; and He is also the One Who guides, inspires and helps His servants to follow the right path according to His wisdom and mercy.

This great name occurs twice in the Qur’an. One is in a verse that says, (And sufficient is your Lord as a guide and a helper) (Sūrat Al-Furqān: 31) And the other came in a verse saying, (And Allah is indeed a Guide of those who have believed to a straight path.) (Sūrat Al-Hajj: 54)

In light of this noble name, I would say:
1. All creatures move in this world according to Allah’s general guidance for them. (He (Pharaoh) said, “So who is the Lord of you two, O Moses?" He said, “Our Lord is He Who gave everything its form and then guided it.”) (Sūrat Tāha: 49-50)Hence, everything guides us and points to the Almighty Creator Who created, proportioned, determined, and guided.
2. No one can guide and lead a person to the straight path but Allah Almighty. So, we should stand in need before our Lord and implore Him to guide us to it and help us hold onto it. In a Qudsi Hadīth, Allah Almighty says, “O My servants, you are all in misguidance except those I guide. So, seek My guidance and I will guide you.”67

3. Know that you are constantly in need of guidance at every moment of your life, so as to be led to what is dear and pleasing to your Lord - day and night and under all conditions. We should, therefore, recall the great meaning of the supplication we repeat in every Rak‘ah of our prayer, (Guide us to the straight path.)And we should always remember that we need it.
67 Narrated by Muslim)