Hajj: Raise the soul and remove the differences
د. زيد بن محمد الرماني
The Prophet peace be upon him (i.e., any work is better?) was asked: believe Allah and his Messenger, then jihad for the way of Allah, then a accepted pilgrimage) narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

As for Aisha, may God bless her, that the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: "There is no more day than god's exalted a servant from the fire from the day he knew him and he was blessed by angels."

The pilgrimage included solemn judgment, lessons, sermons and abundant lessons.

In hajj, there is a demonstration of groveling to Allah almighty, because the pilgrim leaves the causes of luxury and adornment and wears ihram, showing his poverty to his Lord, and in this journey he is distancing himself from the world and its concerns that distract him from Allah Almighty and be exposed. So for The Forgiveness and Mercy of God.

The pilgrim then stands in Arafat to pray to his Lord, thanking Allah and asked Allah to forgive his sins and pitfalls.

Performing hajj leads to the gratitude and thanks the blessing of money and the safety of the body, which are the greatest blessings of human. On hajj, he thanked these two great graces, where man exerts himself and spends his money in obeying his Lord and approaching Him.

Hajj gives the soul to the spirit of the soldier, with what you all need of the patience and suffering of harm and an organized military system in which one cooperates with the people, do not see the pilgrim suffer the hardships of travel!! Until all the pilgrims gather in (Mecca) the sanctuary of God, and then they all set off from Due al-Hajjah to perform the rituals, and they live and move all of them, glad that they are the movements of spiritual scouts.

There, the differences between people, the differences of wealth and poverty, the differences of sex and color, the differences of the tongue and the language, the word of man unites in the greatest human conference, a conference that is all good, blessing, consultation, counseling and cooperation on the land. And synergy, a great conference.

The Hajj conference, in which the word meets on righteousness and piety, and on the right, to be patient and to ensure the interest of the nation, the goal of this society and the great gathering is to link the causes of life to the causes of heaven.

In hajj, precious memories are instilled in the spirit of complete slavery, and inexorable submission to God's orders and law.

There, in the Holy Places and the Holy Places of lesson, it emerges, and at the old house, Abu al-Naba'a Ibrahim (as) left his wife Hagar and his son Ismail.

Al-Bukhari also removed ibn Abbas, may God rest his soul, in a long speech in which he said: (Hagar) Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and her son (Ismail) feeding him, until she put her at Home, at Doha above Zamzam at the top of the mosque, and there not anybody in Mecca , there was no water in it, so the mother and her young son were put in.

There is a valley that is not planted, and then he put a pod of dates, and water, and then Abraham (as) stopped him, and Um Ismail's mother followed him and said, "Where do you go? And leave us in this valley where there's no animal and human being.

She said to him repeatedly, and made him not pay attention to her, and she said to him, "God, who (Your Command) is doing this"? Ibrahim said: Yes, she said, "So don't lose us in. Then she returned to where her little child and Abraham set off even when he was at the bend of farewell, where his wife does not see him, he received the house with his face and then called these words ﴾O our Lord, I have made some of my offspring to dwell in an uncultivable valley by your Sacred House ''the Kabah at Makah .﴿ [Ibrahim: 37]

There is in that wilderness that Zamzam was sent in Ismail's hands, and this water was for him and his mother a miracle that people would take lesson. This small family became the nucleus of life and the seed of urbanization in that place and came to the Desert of the Arabian Peninsula with the honor of prophecy and mission, and those who were subjected to god's command were right to be worthy of that honor, and that They build the house to which the people of faith come.

They will see those who believe in God on their way, and keep God's command and religion in you, your Lord will save you and please you.

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