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 92 ways to accustom your children to Salat

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn

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92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: 92 ways to accustom your children to Salat   92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Emptyالأحد 24 فبراير 2019, 9:35 pm

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat R1010

92 ways

to accustom your children to Salat

BY: Hana Bint Abdul Aziz As-Sani
Translated by: Ubaidur Rahman

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. All praises and thanks be to Allah, the lord of the Aalameen (mankind, jinn and that exists) and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions. This pamphlet is a synopsis of the book that I had issued with the title "Experiences of parents to accustom their children to Salat" in which I gave an account of factual experiences on the topic. In that book I only had mentioned the experiences to let you know the facts. Here I am glad to present a fragrant anthology of all the experiences with a rosy and beautiful summary. It's important to inform the reader that when I have used in this booklet the word "your child or children" to mean the both males and females and sometimes I mean the youngers and elders. So please keep it in your mind.
Now, let's start.

Hana Bint Abdul Aziz As-Sani

1- Your sincerity to accustom your children to Salat and your effort to win Allah's pleasure will make you spring with strength and spirit and will fix you like a mountain which can't be shaken by the gusty winds and fluctuating weathers of your children’s nature.

2- Awaken their believe that the angel of death can attend him anytime.

3- Be cooperative with your neighbors. Sometimes take their children to Masjid with you to let them take your children to Masjid. Take care of their children in Masjid during their father's absence and ask them to take care of your children when you are absent or when they see them playing in the street in Salat time.

4- If you bring up your child according to the saying of Allah

 {ألم يعلم بأن الله يرى }

Knows he not that Allah sees (what he does)? Al-Alaq:14 They will pray even in your absence. It means that you are developing in him a sense of self-inspection through developing a desire to worship for the sake of only Allah. So they will worship now due to their reverence, fear and love for Allah not being afraid of you. Don't be of those who accustom their children to their surveillance and they think that they are inculcating in them the sense for the divine surveillance. You will see the children of such people that they pray only in their presence. It is of the serious blunders of their care and instruction. So, try to make them connected to Allah, not to yourself.

5- Don't express your disappointment of improving your children before them, for it will stir them to turn more stubborn. To be disappointed of the mercy of Allah and mistrust in Him is contrary to the perfection of Tawheed (Islamic monotheism). Ibne Qayyim (May Allah's mercy be upon him) said: Whoever is disappointed of the of Allah and loses his hope in his kindness, he committed the sin of mistrust in Him with sinister suspicion.

6- A lesson in knowledge or a sermon should be delivered by one of parents or anybody of the elder males or female of the family weekly for half an hour on regular basis. A regularly done little work is far better than irregularly done a lot of works. This lesson will bring a fruitful result to your children by the permission of Allah.

7- O, the parent who is away! (due to work, travel, illness or divorce) stay connected to your children by telephone to apprise them of the significance of the matter. Some successful parents stay connected to their children and talk to each and everyone of them directly to ask them about Salat whenever they set out on their journey.

8- Make them aware of the awe of a dreadful doom and entice them to the joy of a well and pleasing death.

9- Be serious in commanding your children to offer salat don't let them offer it irregularly but make it mandatory to them to perform it punctually.

10- Give preference the affairs of the Hereafter to affairs of the world in all the conditions and situations to let your children know that the world is up to nothing to compete with Hereafter. So to perform salat on its appointed time is more important than school home works and to get a prayer unit (Rak'at) is better than catching up an opportunity to play football. To take care of Salat times is more important than maintaining the time to meet a friend or to have a telephone conversation or to watch a television program.

11- If abandoning them alone as a punishment is expected to be beneficial and to come up with good result. Try it. If not so, then avoid it.

12- Contact school to cooperate with teachers to let them explain continuously the importance of Salat and the punishment of missing it as well as tell the teachers to ask students if they are punctual to Salat or not. To ask individually everyday every three children: "Did you offered Fajr prayer today?" will be of no loss or harm to the teachers. They can easily do it.

13: Buy for your child some illustrated books from the bookstore in which the way to offer salat and perform the ablution is illustrated by pictures clearly and that contain some supplications.

14- to kiss your children, to nestle them in your lap, to lift them on your shoulder and to maintain the emotional connection with them in order to encourage them to offer salat after every prayer they performed is far better than to present them thousands of gifts.

15-Does your child make you tired when you awaken them to offer Salat? Don't worry. Here are many solutions for you to experience them. Talk to them gently. Gently rub their back and put your hand on their head. Tell them good news to make them active and to take away their sleep such as: today you will go to somewhere. Somebody will come today. You succeeded in something. Someone had called you, etc. Let them sleep, then come back after five or three minutes if you have enough time. Switch off the A.C Turn on the lights. Sprinkle some drops of water on their face if needed. Pray for them with such a words "Wake up, may Allah open your chest" Inspire them with temptation and awe and remind them of Allah with such words "Salat will illuminate your grave with light" "Wake up my dear! There will be nothing except for Paradise or Hell". Drag the cover and gently scold them with your slow pitch voice. Buy for your children an alarm clock which rings with Azan. Don't say: Wake up for school but say to them: Wake up for the Fajr prayer. Wake up your children with entertainment and in an amusing way repeating the verses or hadith related to Salat or singing some songs. This way has successfully been proven by experiment. It works well when you remind them with verses and hadith with all the submissiveness to Allah and keeping in your mind their meanings. These veses and Hadiths shuold come out from the depth of your heart. When you awaken your children for Salat keep following them so that they can't sleep again anywhere else. Fix special prize for the one who wakes up first and offers Salat first of all. Who among your children awakens his brothers for salat give them special gifts. Eventually, when you are tired of these tricks you can beat them when they are 10 years old. You beat them because you have mercy upon them to save their bodies to be burnt in searing Hell-fire.

16- Let the hearts of your children be attached to Allah, in other words, inculcate the principles of Tawheed (monotheism) in them (i.e Love for Allah and His Prophet, to obey them and to have hope, fear and belief) To discuss the the divine quality of monotheism with them is helpful in this regard such as discussing the beautiful names of Allah and their attributes. The monotheism is as important as head in the body. All the Sharia commands could only be applicable through a body which is fit to monotheism, specifically to Salat which requires steadfastness and strong belief.

17- O, father of children! Your children have awe and fear in their hearts for you which they can't have for their mother. So order them for Salat when they are at home, don't leave the responsibility totally to their mother alone.

18- Younger children need to be reminded of Salat times. So don't get bored or less active in this regard. We often realize that the child is habitual to Salat (Prayer). However, he can't care for the salat time and sometimes he shows carelessness, so all he needs is only a reminder. There is a great difference between the one who prays when he is reminded of and those who rejects the Salat at all even if he is reminded. Perhaps, the reminding phase is the first stage to proceed forward to be punctual to Salat. It's a phase which may extend to some years. The phase of praying due to the inner motive which doesn't require the reminding comes afterwards.

19- O, the parents! One of you shouldn't be dependent on another in training your children for Salat. Each of you is individually entrusted to his/her responsibility and will be asked by Allah: What did he/she do? So, be ready to answer the question. Some fathers say that the mother is careless, she neglects her responsibility. Some mothers say: Their father doesn't help me. Thus the important responsibility goes in vain due to these meaningless excuses. They can't apologize before Allah with such excuses.

20- Hope for reward from Allah in training your children for Salat and guiding them to virtue. Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said: Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who participates that good action. (Narrated by Muslim) Guess, how many times will your children pray throughout their whole life span? How abundantly you will be rewarded if you own a number of children. How much good you will be endowed with, five times daily. Their additional prayers will give you extra benefits.

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat 2013_110
الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn

عدد المساهمات : 26070
العمر : 67

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: رد: 92 ways to accustom your children to Salat   92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Emptyالأحد 24 فبراير 2019, 9:37 pm

 21-In the beginning procedure of accustoming your child to Salat give them their prize immediately after performing the obligatory prayer such as giving them a piece of sweet as prize. Afterwards give them prize on daily basis on performing the five prayers. When you realize that your child has begun to be conscious of the Salat decrease the prize process to weekly basis than to monthly according to situation with maintaining the moderate level of prizing and reminding them of the divine obligation.

22- Your love and hatred for your children should be connected to their punctuality to Salat. The beloved and nearest to your heart among them should be the one who is punctual to Salat. Your love for them should decrease according to their laziness in Salat. Many parents follow this way only in academic excellence of their children, however, the Salat deserves it more than academic excellence.

23- When you are away from your child or he is away from you send them a message to remind them of Salat in beautiful and effective words.

24- Tell them that the missing out salat is never allowed even in the time of war, terror and sickness. Teach them Fear Prayer (Saltul Khauf). If the Salat (Prayer) was not of crucial importance it was allowed for the one who is in fear and illness to leave it, then, how it could be allowed for the one who is in good health and peace to leave it?

25- On missing prayer, sometimes deprive them of some sort of things.
These things are of two types: Emotional: such as kisses and attention. Material: such as gifts and taking them somewhere in your company.

26- Praising them moderately in the presence of kith and kin such as grandfathers, uncles and maternal uncles and those who is of same age. It will encourage them to offer prayer and to do good deeds.

27- It's necessary for the parents, no matter how careless they have been about their children, to instill their awe and fear in their heart while they order them to offer Prayer. Their faces should be wrinkled in outrage for the sake of Allah when they notice the recklessness about Salat.

28- Bring them some video cassettes which contain attractive instructions about ablution and Prayer.

29- Conduct the contest to make them punctual to Salat between your neighbors' children and fix the valuable prizes.

30- Fulfill your children's reasonable desires, provided that they would offer salat on its time and their desires should not exceed the limit.

31- Tell your children stories of the people whom they know that they were missing out the Salat. How was their life? Tell them their character, failure and how the darkness will prevail their faces.

32- Not only encourage them to go to Masjid but encourage them to be the earliest ones to come to Masjid.

33- A private meeting with your child in his room or yours to remind him of salat and to entice him to it, is expected to come up with good results.

34- Beat your child when it needed after he grows ten years old in order to teach him not to torture him. Don't be of those who beat their children when they insult them and they don't beat them when they don't offer Prayer, so he becomes furious for his sake not for the sake of Allah.

35- Let your children enjoy the collective group trips organized by the Quran Memorization Circle of Masjid, or let them go out with righteous youths to practice the Prayer on its time pragmatically and to adopt the good qualities by the direct accompaniment with righteous people.

35- O, parents! Be a good ideal to your children by becoming more punctual to Salat (Prayer) and first to perform it on its time.

36- Accustom your children to reminding each other of Salat and don't let them be content only with their own well-being but let them be concerned with the well-being of their brothers especially of general Muslims.

37- Write down some punishments related to those who deliberately miss out the prayers on a paper in a beautiful full hand writing with bold and clear letters and hang them on an obvious place in your home.

38- Insistently order your children to offer Salat. Carefully ponder over the "insistence", it is not simply an order but it means that you should order them in such a unique way that they must obey.

40- Use a positive method to inspire them such as saying them: Certainly, you are very glad today because you have performed all five prayers on time.

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat 2013_110
الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn

عدد المساهمات : 26070
العمر : 67

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: رد: 92 ways to accustom your children to Salat   92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Emptyالأحد 24 فبراير 2019, 9:42 pm

41- Give those who are punctual to Salat among your children a significant place to you, such as asking for their suggestions on some matters or take them somewhere in your company. Giving them such preferences is important to differentiate between the one who is punctual to Salat and the one who is not so.

42- Regularly ask them whole day many times without being tired. You will be rewarded for doing so. Ask them many times in tender and affectionate words: Dear son! May Allah bless you. Have you performed today's Prayer? O, my rosy daughter! May God illuminate your heart. Have you offered today's Salat?

43- Be thoughtful to accustom your children to Salat before they get married and have children. Yes, start from this point of view, from choosing a good wife and a good husband for your children. This blessed couple will beget a good offspring with permission of Allah.

44- Organize a family assembly to perform salat with Jama'h (collectively). The younger ones should be assembled with elder ones.

45- Let your children see the tears welling up in your eyes while you warn them of Hell-fire and punishment and calling them to good and Paradise. It will make them feel the authenticity of your words and will profoundly impress them.

46- When mother is concerned with accustoming her children to Salat, then it's necessary for you O, fathers! to cooperate her at least when she is unable to offer Salat due to menstruation and puerperarum. Because some mothers in this period forget to order their children to offer Salat. Then It's a great responsibility upon father before Allah. So he is responsible for commanding his children to perform Salat. In case if the father is not present then it's necessary for you O, dear mother! not to be careless in ordering your children to Salat even in times when you are lawfully unable to offer Salat.

47- Explain the verses for your children which talk about the rewards of those who Pray and punishments of those who don't, as well as elaborate for them the hadith related to the same topic. It's necessary for you to do that as your duty of conveying the message of Allah and His Prophet.Use a summarized exegesis book to make your duty easier.

48- A moderate admiration for your children when he prays is a good mean of training and preaching. Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) used to praise his companions to encourage them to do good deeds. One of his praises his saying to his companion Ashaj Abdul Qais: You posses two qualities that Allah loves, these are clemency and tolerance. (Narrated by Muslim)

49- Always strive to compare before your children the blessing of world to the blessings of Hereafter to make their hearts adherent to the eternal blessing and to make them strive to achieve it.

50- Whenever you want to perform an obligatory prayer ask your children to perform it with you at the same time to make it easy to pray altogether.

51- Only to say them "Offer Salat" is not enough. Some parents continuously repeat this word for many years to their children till they become bored without understanding its meaning. That's why the children ask themselves, why they want us pray? The prayer is so tiring. Thus it's also not enough to say "the one who prays will enter the Paradise and the one who doesn't, will enter the Hell". What they would understand? What is the Paradise and what is the Hell to them?
Elucidate both the Paradise and Hell to them so beautifully that they start loving the Paradise and hating the Hell. As they grow older inculcate in them the inner instinctual motive to achieve Paradise and to avoid Hell by clearly illustrating all the aspects.

52- Talk to your child in an enticing emotional language such as: I love you too much and I am afraid that the Hell-Fire may harm you. You will never find anyone else like me who wants your well-being, you are a piece of my heart. It will be unbearable for me to see you punished with Hell-fire, I want you in Paradise with me, with the permission of Allah. I won't leave you to be fuel to the Hell.

53- When your children are about to reach seven years of their age remind them that that the time is about to come when you will order them for Salat to prepare them for it psychologically. It will also make your responsibility easier.

54- Use the method of asking your children questions about Hereafter by relating the success on that day to the punctuality to Prayer.

55- There should be a maintained balance between the temptation and intimidation, so one could not exceed another.

56- It's necessary to paint the life of our children and ours with divine colour by accustoming ourselves and our children to the real servitude of Allah, so it's necessary to instill in them since their childhood the belief in the repercussions and rewards of missing the and performing the prayers. It can be done by telling them the stories of those who leave Prayer, and how they were subjected to the severe divine punishment. Tell them that the sinful acts have their bad effects in this world before arriving Hereafter, and to abide by Allah in all your actions will bring the sweetness in your life, ease all your affairs and fetch you the success, especially when you are abiding by Allah by being punctual to Salat.

57- Explain for your children the blessings of Allah upon them, talk about it to them excessively and thoroughly. Try to draw their attention to the blessings that people are generally inattentive to them. How much these blessings are. Then tell them these blessings require our thanks by the Prayer and servitude to the One Who blessed us. Instill in them the love for the Bountiful One. Mention to them some examples of real life to demonstrate to the greatness of Allah and His right to be worshipped, such as the real life example of a boy or girl or generally any example of real life as saying to them: Who have given you the blessing of father and mother while He made another one orphan? Who bestowed on you the blessing of walking on feet while He made another person disabled? Who conferred on you the blessing of peace while He let another country going through the wars and terror for long years.

58- Say to your children that the Salat (Prayer) will make you different from disbelievers. There is nothing other than believer or disbeliever. There is no middle point between the people. So you are either believer or disbeliever. It's up to you what sort of person you want to be.

59- Say "thanks" to your children when is done with Prayer before you are reminded of it by anyone else.

 60- Make sure that they performed ablution or not for the prayer and repeat to them the saying of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam: "No prayer is valid for the one who doesn't perform ablution". (Narrated by Hakim in Al-Mustadrak, Book of Taharah 518/245-1)

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat 2013_110
الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى
أحمد محمد لبن Ahmad.M.Lbn

عدد المساهمات : 26070
العمر : 67

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: رد: 92 ways to accustom your children to Salat   92 ways to accustom your children to Salat Emptyالأحد 24 فبراير 2019, 9:43 pm

61- The thing that is beloved to your child tell them that it will be in plenty in Paradise where the pleasure will be in full. What the Paradise is consisted of, is rather complete.

62- It's up to Mother to tell her daughter that the sins have a certain kind of darkness that appears on the face even if it was fair or whitened by applying one kilogram of cosmetics and the light of obedience radiates on the face, even if the skin colour was brown. All these things are not related to the skin colour and the people can't hide them. They are apparently obvious to every wise person.

63- Strive to make them accustomed to Salat as you strive for their education but strive for their Salat more than you do for their education.

64- Tell them the stories about the dreadful doom and beautiful death due to the missing out the Salat and performing it. Some stories should be about predecessors and some of them should be about contemporary people.

65- Repeat these verses to order them for Salat ccording to different situations:

{وأقيموا الصلاة}

(And perform As-Salat)

{حافظوا على الصلوات والصلاة الوسطى وقوموا لله قانتين} (البقرة: 238).

Guard strictly (five obligatory) As-Salawat (the prayers) especially the middle Salat (i.e Asr) and stand before Allah with obedience.

{قد أفلح مَن تزكى وذكراسم ربه فصلّى} (الأعلى: 14 -15).

Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success. And remembers the Name of his Lord and prays (the five compulsory prayers and the additional prayers).

{وأقيموا الصلوة وآتوا الزكوة واركعوا مع الراكعين} (البقرة: 43).

 And perform As-Salat and give Zakat and bow down to Allah along with Ar-Rakiun.

{يا بني أقم الصلوة وأمر بالمعروف وانه عن المنكر واصبر على ما أصابك إن ذلك من عزم الأمور} (لقمان: 17).

O, my dear son! Perform As-Salat, enjoin on people Al-Maruf (Islamic monotheism and all that is good) and forbid people from Al-Munkar(i.e disbelief in oneness of Allah, polytheism of all kinds and all that is evil and bad) and bear with patience whatever  befalls you. Verily, these are some of the important commandments. }

{وقرن في بيوتكن ولا تبرجن تبرج الجاهلية الأولى وأقمن الصلوة وآتين الزكوة وأطعن الله ورسوله إنما يريد الله ليُذهب عنكم الرجس أهل البيت ويُطهركم تطهيرًا} (الأحزاب: 33).

And stay in your houses and do not display yourselves like that of the time of the ignorance and perform As-Salat and give Zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him). Allah wishes only to remove evil deeds and sins from you O, members of the family (of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), and purify you with a thorough purification.

{وأقم الصلوة طرفي النهار وزُلفًا من الليل إن الحسنات يُذهبن السَّيئات ذلك ذكرى للذَّاكرين} (هود: 114).

And perform As-Salat at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night. Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds. That is the reminder for the mindful.

{وجعلني مباركًا أينما كنت وأوصاني بالصلوة والزكوة ما دمتُ حيًا} (مريم: 31).

And He has made me

blessed wheresoever I be, and has enjoined on me Salat and Zakat, as long as I live.

{فويلٌ للمصلين الذين هُم عن صلاتهم ساهون} (الماعون: 4 -5).

So, woe to those performers of Salat (hypocrites). Those who delay their Salat (prayers from their stated fixed times).

66-O, honourable mother! Whenever you want to go out for a function with your daughter and your daughter delayed in getting ready, don't say to her: Perform Salat quickly we are getting late but say to her: Quickly get ready and don't be quick in performing Salat. Don't scold anyone of your children if they get late in performing salat but only say them politely to perform it on its earlier time.

67- Talk too much about the importance of Salat to Allah, about the Hereafter, Paradise, Hell and six basic elements of Iman (belief).

68- Allah revives hearts by invocation, so invoke Allah for your children, don't invoke against them. Invoke for them in their absence and sometimes in their presence.

69-Your heart should be imbued with the real love for your children. Love for Allah will make you guide them to the way of Paradise. So take them to the Paradise holding their hands and save them from the Hell-fire and remove it from them.

70- Put your trust in Allah and be optimistic about Him to let yourself finish what you have started, to get success in what you're trying for, to let yourself reach the goal and to improve your offspring.

71- Strive for five years, then live your rest life with comfort. Be happy with the wellness of your children if you made them accustomed to Salat and good deeds in the early stages of their life.

72- Teach your children short surats from Quran and explain them to make them understand and memorize them to recite in Salat.

73- Buy for your little daughters a veil and a carpet to encourage them to offer Salat.

74-Imagine your children as if they are rolling over fire and imagine other children as if they are enjoying themselves in Paradise. If you have been a kind person you will never allow it to happen to your children. Those who have false mercy for their children they will show their mercy when their children are hit by severe cold or searing heat or deprived of sleeping pleasure. They will never awaken them for Salat or order them to undergo the difficulties for the Salat. By doing so they are leaving them to be punished with great torment. If he was truly merciful to them they would have showed their mercy to save them from the Hell-Fire. Where is your true love for your children?

75- Regard the difference between your children when you punish them or scold them to make your punishment or scold compatible with psychology and temperament of your children. Some scold and punishment are often compatible with guidance method, but not compatible enough to suit their age.

76- Be helpful to your children to make them perform Salat on time by adopting following methods:
(a) Don't let the time to have lunch, clash with time to offer Zuhr or Asr Salat.
(b) Don't let the time to have dinner, clash with time of Isha Salat, but make one of them earlier or late.
(c) Try to build your home near Masjid when you're choosing the place to build it.
(d) Provide them hot water in winter and other suitable mean of warmth.
(e) Give them enough time to sleep.

Don't let them sleep less before Salat so that they can't wake up for Salat. For instance, some mothers let their children sleep before the time of Isha Salat due to their study, and some children have their lunch just before the Asr Salat, then they sleep forgetting the Salat. Try not to let your children sleep but after performing the obligatory prayer, especially when the time comes close.

77- Try to make them realize their responsibility regarding the worships by repeating to their ears such type of words: I ordered you to offer Salat. You will be held accountable before Allah about it. I fear the Hell-fire upon you and I wish you to enter the Paradise. So which one of the two options you want to choose for yourself?

 78- Narrate for your child what you had listened in the lectures which you had attended and what you had read in the book which your child had seen you reading or cassettes which your child had seen you listening. Tell them from these things what is commonly relevant to Salat and Hereafter. For example: Today Shaikh told us about punishment in grave such and such things. When I read this book I came across the new information about rewards of Salat and it is as such and such. I listened to a very impressive story about those who leave Salat through this cassette and it is so and so.

79- Conduct a field work by assembling your close relatives with their children to teach them ablution pragmatically. Another day teach them pragmatically the way to perform Salat and another day perform salat with all of them collectively. Organize the contest to apply the salat pragmatically in a correct manner, then conduct an oral contest to let them memorize simple juristic provisions pertaining to ablution and Salat. The pragmatic programs come up with efficient and fast teaching results as well as they help them not to forget the informations.

80- Cherish your children on the essence of competition in the worships, doing good deeds in common and especially performing Salat.

92 ways to accustom your children to Salat 2013_110

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81-Bring some books and cassettes for your children which talk about the beautiful names of Allah and their attributes, about the one who leaves Salat, about grave, Paradise and Hell. As buying them some booklets consisting of some pictures that illustrate the way to bath dead person and how to cloth a dead body and depict the scene of grave. All these things are of heart motives to inspire your children to be punctual to Salat.

82- Don't show indolence in ordering your child for Salat in various conditions such as when he is out of home, or he is sick or on journey or visit or he is passing through exam days or he is on leave or he is sleeping in his relatives’ home.

83- 20 minutes before coming the time of Salat ask your children to get ready for Salat to accustom them to perform Salat with Takbirul Ehram, i.e first takbeer. By doing so they will not take missing out one Rakat or two Rakats so lightly.

84- After seeking help from Allah, ask everyone who live in your home for the cooperation, as well as ask for the cooperation of those for whom the Salat is compulsory such as grandparents, aunt, uncle and servant etc to let them play their role in inspiring your children for Salat.

85- O, mother! You may go out to attend a wedding party with your young daughter and she may shock you by telling you that her ablution is no longer valid due to spending long times in make up and applying cosmetics on her face and she didn't perform Isha Prayer yet. On other hand you are getting late to attend the wedding party. At this juncture what your stand should be? Without being disgusted, with all the openness of your heart tell your daughter to wash out her face and perform ablution again to offer Salat. No matter how late you are. Avoid to say your daughter: You can perform Salat after coming back. (i.e after the time of Isha Prayer is over).

By doing so you will apply this verse to her:

 (فويل للمصلين الذين هم عن صلاتهم ساهون) الماعون: 4 -5

So, woe to those performers of Salat (hypocrites). Those who delay their Salat (prayers from their stated fixed times). You should also be afraid of bad result because you ordered her to commit a sin. So don't burn yourself and your daughter in Hell-fire merely for the sake of a wedding party.

86- Ask your elder child, male or female to encourage his/her brothers to offer Salat, because his/her effect on them sometimes may be more impressive to them than that of yours.

87- When a child visits you as guest be careful about his Salat. Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said: No one of you shall become a true believer until he desires for his brother what he desires for himself.(Narrated by Imam Bukhari)
No doubt, you will desire for your children to perform Salat. So you should have the same desire for the children of Muslims.

88- Inculcate in your children the habit to emulate the elders by accustoming them to Salat and other worships as recitation of Quran, Sadqah and performing the Umrah, etc.

89- Say to your children: As the elder one orders the younger one to perform Salat, it's also necessary for the younger one to remind the elder one of Salat when he shows the idleness. Ordering each other to offer Salat comes under the category of enjoining good and forbidding evil. It is in itself a great worship, they will be rewarded on it.

90- There are many mothers who don't refrain from accustoming their children to Salat if their father is absent (due to journey, divorce, death or work requirements). They don't give excuses of absence of their father, because they know that they are responsible for their children, no matter their father is present at home or not. Thus it's up to fathers to realize their responsibilities when towards their children while the mothers are absent (due to death, divorce, sickness or works).

91- Search for them a good company and let them accompany nice people. If mother knows that someone has daughters who are equal in age to her daughters and adherent to the law and orders of Allah, she should frequently go to visit them with her own daughters and ask them to continuously come to her home. Father should also do the same with his male children.

92- Be an iron-willed person with no hesitation and preserve your lofty and strong will. Eventually you will succeed with the permission of Allah to accustom your children to Salat. Keep in mind that you are regularly in ceaseless efforts, untiring struggle and hard work and you will be rewarded for it. So don't be less fervent and show indolence or lose your hope. You are not the odd one. All the people strive for the sake of their children.
Allah is always with you.


92 ways to accustom your children to Salat 2013_110
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92 ways to accustom your children to Salat
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