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منتدى إنما المؤمنون إخوة (2019 - 2010) The Believers Are Brothers

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 Imam An-Nasa’i

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Imam An-Nasa’i
His name is Abu `Abdur-Rahman Ahmad ibn Shu`ayb ibn `Ali ibn Sinan ibn Bahr Al-Khurasani An-Nasa’i, attributed to his homeland Nasa. He was a great memoriz-er and critic of Hadith and one of the key figures in Muslim scholarship. He was re¬nowned for his utmost extensive aware¬ness of the defects of Hadith and the con¬ditions of the narrators.

He is the author of the famous book of Hadith “Sunan An-Na¬sa’i” or “As-Sunan As-Sughra” as he named it.

An-Nasa’i’s Birth and Early Life
An-Nasa’i was born in Nasa, a town in Khurasan, in 214 AH. He started learning knowledge at a very early age. He began his scientific journeys when he was 15 years old when he travelled to the great scholar of Had¬ith Qutaybah ibn Sa`id in Baghlan.

Qutaybah narrated hadiths from Imam Malik, Al-Layth ibn Sa`ad and other narrators of this class. Abu `Abdur-Rahman An-Nasa’i remained with Qutaybah for 14 months study¬ing hadith at his hands. Imam An-Na¬sa’i was fond of seeking knowledge especially the narration of hadiths, for which he has devoted his whole life. Thus, he became a leading schol-ar and superior Hadith authority of his time.

Features of An-Nasa’i’s Character
- `Abu `Abdur-Rahman was a dedicated worshipper. Abu Al-Husain Muhammad ibn Muzfir said, “I heard from our Sheikhs in Egypt their acknowledgement of his (Abu Abdur-Rahman’s An-Nasa’i) advancement and leadership in knowledge. They also stressed his diligence in worship at all times and his persistence in of¬fering Hajj and partaking in Jihad.”

- He used to fast one day and break the other, a habitual worship of the Prophet Dawud (David, peace be upon him).

- He was a courageous fighter. He used to go for Jihad and showed excessive bold-ness and sacrifice for Muslims.

- He was good-faced and bright-colored. He had 4 wives and 2 maid slaves. It was narrated that he would share his time between his wives and maid slaves equally.

- He would prefer to wear the Nubian garments and eat cocks that were bought, fattened and castrated for him.

An-Nasa’i’s Pursuit of Knowledge
Imam An-Nasa’i remained with his Sheikh Qutaybah for more than one year, then he travelled to many places including Khurasan, Al-Hijaz, Egypt, Iraq and the Ash-Sham (the Levant). After these long journeys, he settled in Egypt where students of Hadith came to him from everywhere nar-rating hadiths from him and learning at his hands.

He was a trustworthy, well-established scrutinizer of Hadith and its narrators and was fully aware of the juristic rulings and explana¬tion of the hadiths. Imam Al-Hakim said, “The sayings of Imam An-Nasa’i regarding the Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of hadiths are many, and one is as¬tonished about the perfection of his words.”27

An-Nasa’i’s Sheikhs and Students
Among his prominent Sheikh were Qutaybah ibn Sa`id, Is-haq ibn Ibrahim, Is-haq ibn Rahuwayih, Abu Bakr Bindar, Hisham ibn `Ammar, Muhammad ibn An-Nadr, Suwaid ibn Nasr, Ziyad ibn Ayyub, Sawwar ibn `Abdullah Al-`Anbari, `Utbah ibn `Abdullah Al-Marwazi, Muhammad ibn Muthanna, and many others.

And among notable students who took hadiths from him were Ahmad ibn Muham-mad ibn Salamah Al-Azdi, the renowned Hanafi scholar of Fiqh; Ahmad ibn Muham-mad Al-Hashimi, known as Ibn As-Sunni, the great trustworthy memorizer of hadith; Sulaiman ibn Matir Al-Lakhmi At-Tabarani, the greatest memorizer of Hadith; Abu Ja`-far At-Tahawi; Abu `Uthman An-Naysaburi; Hamzah ibn Muhammad Al-Kinani; Abu Ja`far Ahmad ibn Isma`il An-Nahhas An-Nahawi and many others.

An-Nasa’i’s Writings
Imam An-Nasa’i has compiled many books of Hadith, the most renowned of which is his book As-Sunan Al-Sughra known as Sunan An-Nasa’i or Al-Mujtaba which is a briefing of his book of Hadith As-Sunan Al-Kubra.

Also, he compiled other books including:
- Fada’il Al-Qur’an
- At-Tabaqat
- Fada’il As-Sahabah
- `Amal Al-Yawm wa Al-Laylah
- Rasa’il fi `Ulum Al-Hadith
- Ad-Du`afa’ wal-Matrukin28

Scholars’ Praise of An-Nasa’i
Imam An-Nasa’i received a great commendation from many of the prominent schol¬ars of Hadith which testifies to his encyclopedic memorization, mastery and aware¬ness of deficiencies and narrators of hadiths.

- Imam Adh-Dhahabi said,
“There was no one on the onset of the 300 AH year more perfect in memorization than An-Nasa’i. He was well-versed in Hadith, its deficiencies and narrators, even more than Muslim, Abu Dawud and Abu `Eisa (At-Tirmidhi). He was in the same rank of Al-Bukhari and Abu Zur`ah.”

- Al-Qadi Taj Ad-Din As-Subki said,
“I asked our sheikh Adh-Dhahabi, ‘Who was more perfect in memorization Muslim ibn Al-Hajjaj or An-Nasa’i?”’ He replied, “An-Nasa’i,” and I mentioned this to my father who agreed to it.”

- Ad-Daraqutni said,
“Abu `Abdur-Rahman (An-Nasa’i) was placed at the top of all the scholars of this (hadith) knowledge in his era.”

- Abu `Ali An-Naysaburi said,
“The unchallenged leading scholar of Hadith is Abu `Abdur-Rahman An-Nasa’i, who narrated hadiths to us.”

- Abu `Abdullah ibn Mandah said,
“Those who narrated the authentic hadiths and distinguished the established from the deficient and the truth from the falsehood are only four: Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud and Abu `Abdur-Rah-man An-Nasa’i.”

- Imam Ad-Daraqutni said,
“Abu Bakr Al-Haddad Ash-Shafi`i narrated lots of had¬iths but he did not narrate to others except the hadiths of An-Nasa’i. He said, ‘I accepted him (An-Nasa’i) as an excuse between me and Almighty Allah.”’

- Ibn Al-Athir said,
“He (Abu `Abdur-Rahman An-Nasa’i) adopted the Shafi`i school of Fiqh, and he had some rituals according to the school of Imam Ash-Shafi`i. He was a devout and well-verified scholar.”

An-Nasa’i’s Death
Abu `Abdullah Al-Hafiz said, “I heard `Ali ibn `Umar saying, ‘`Abu `Abdur-Rahman An-Nasa’i was the most knowledgeable among the Sheikhs of Egypt in terms of Fiqh, and authenticity and narra-tors of hadiths, during his time.

Being the best among them, they felt envy towards him. Thus, he moved to Ar-Ramlah (a town in Palestine) where he was asked about Mu`awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan. He did not reply in a good thing, and thus people beat him badly.

He asked to be moved to Makkah, in spite of his illness, where he passed away. Abu `Abdullah said, “In addition to his multiple mer¬its, he was given martyrdom at the end of his life.” However, there are other opinions that he died in Palestine. He passed away on Monday 13 Safar 303 AH.

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