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منتدى إنما المؤمنون إخوة The Believers Are Brothers

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 Our Children and the love of Allah the Al-Mighty

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مُساهمةموضوع: Our Children and the love of Allah the Al-Mighty   19/05/17, 04:21 am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Our Children and the love of Allah
the Al-Mighty

By:Dr. Amani Zakaria Al-Ramadi
Ph.D., Faculty of Arts &Humanities,
Alexandria University-Egypt
Translated By: Islam Way Team
Glory to Allah, the Almighty, The Incomparably Great, all praise to Allah, the lord of people as proper to His majesty, and His great old power. There is no true God except Allah, The All Knowing and The Wise. Peace be upon the last of all the prophets who was sent as a mercy for all beings, and then:

The child is like  a small plant which grows and flourishes until  it becomes a fruitful tree or a large shadowing one_ or it may become a spiky or poisoned tree, we seek refugee with Allah.

In order to raise a generation from fruitful trees or large shadowing  ones, we should take care of them since the beginning, with relying on Allah and asking for His help in their improvement.

And how much we are in need in this time, in which the nations attack the Islamic Ummah (nation) as the eaters would swoop the plate of food, as the messenger of Allah peace be upon him told.

We are in a great  need  to raise and establish a generation with strong faith that stays on truth, holds the flag of Islam and defends it with all of his power.

And here, theauthor, suggests the first thing that can achieve this great target and help to reach that high goal, and that is :" Help our children to love Allah the Almighty"
Dr. AmanyZakaria
1.What is the love of Allah?
It is that Allah the Almighty becomes  beloved by you more than yourself, your parents, and all what you own.

2- Why the children?
Because "the child is the first brick in the community, so if we put it in a right way, the general building will be straight, regardless how much it rises and increases. Also the child is the nucleus of the ascending generation from which the branches and the sections divide.

 As we take care of the safety of his body growth, so we should take care of the safety of his emotions and morals."(1) If we take care of that,, our efforts will give its fruits when the child becomes an adult and holds the flag of his religion, if he loves his God and becomes loyal in all his deeds.

However,if we do not we will see him live lost without identity –we seek refuge from Allah- as we see many around us.
3- Why do we teach them the love of Allah?
a- Because Allah The Almighty mentioned about those who love Him in the Quran, verse number (31) of the surah of Al-E-Imran :{ Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful}.

b- Because Allah The Almighty is who created us from nil, reforms our creation, prefers us on many other creations and favors us with the best blessing which is Islam. Then He gave us and we do not deserve that, He promised us with Janna (paradise) as a reward for deeds that are from His donation and graceful giving. He is the donator firstly and finally!!!

c- Because the messenger peace be upon him was supplicating Oh Allah, let your love becomes more beloved for me than myself, my family, my money, my children and than the cold water at  thirst). We have a good model in the messenger of Allah.

d- Respect and admiration are the best outcome of love whether in secret or in  public. And how much we are in need that our children respect their lord and admire Him, instead of having a relation with Him that is built on the fear from His penalty or from hell fire, so if they love him , their worship will be as a spiritual pleasure which they will live with and will keep them from the misdoing.

e- Because the children mostly regard their fathers and mothers, or whoever takes care and raise them, more than anyone. However, the lives of parents,  and the educators are limited ,while Allah the Almighty is The Alive, The Self-subsisting, The Lasting, The Everlasting who does not die and who neither slumber nor sleep .In addition, Allah the Almighty  is present  with them wherever they are, He is who keeps them safe and takes care of them more than their parents. So their regard for Allah and their love for Him is a necessity. Consequently when they lose their parent or one of them, they will know that they still  have a kind heart, a well-built corner and a strong support Who is Allah the Almighty.

f- Because if they love Allah the Almighty, and know that the Quran is His speech, they will love the Quran. And if they know that  praying  is to meet  Allah, they will be happy for hearing the Athan "the calling for prayers" ,then  will be keen and humble during it. If they know that Allah is beautiful and likes beauty, they will do every good thing and leave every bad thing. If they know that Allah loves the repentants, the puritans, the openhanded, the charitable, the patient people, the rightful, the people who put their trust in Him and that Allah is with  patient people, that Allah is the patron of those who ward off (evil), that He is patron for the believers, that Allah defends the believers…they will work hard to have these characteristics and qualities for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction, for His love, for His patron and for His defense. On the other hand, if they knew that Allah does not love the betrayers, the disbelievers, the arrogants, the transgressors, the wrongful,or the abusive, and that Allah does not like the disbeliever, betrayer, or who is prideful arrogant …. so they will go far away from those characters as much as they can for the sake of the love of Allah hoping to gain his satisfaction.

g- Because if they love Allah the Almighty, they will obey His orders and avoid His prohibitions with serenity and happiness. They will grow up by preferring His wishes to theirs, "and sacrifice whatever is expensive and precious for His sake, sacrifice for His satisfaction and control the desires to gain His love.

 The lover is usually  obedient for the one who he loves. But if they do not love Him, they will grow up on the art of searching for the weak religious rulings to escape His order and prohibition."(2).

h- Because the love of Allah means feeling that the Almighty takes care and keeps us safe whenever and wherever we are, which subsequently arises feelings of comfort, serenity and steadfastness, not anxiety and sadness …and then the safety of the soul and the body from the psychological and mental diseases. And more important from that is the safety from the offenses and sins.

 So we should explain for them that: those whom Allah is with who would ever be againstthem?!! and vice versa;

 who Allah is against who would ever be with?!
I -because ,as the author believes,  there are some examples, in which the most effective solution for their troubles is to avoid its repetition through bringing up a child who loves Allah the Almighty.

 Among such examples (by no means all) some of the following;
*Those who separate between religion and life thinking that the place for the religion is the Masjid (Mosque) or on the carpet of the prayer only and afterwards they could do whatever they want.

** Those who misbehave in the houses of Allah (Masjids) and they do not exclude Al-Masjid Al-Haram (in Makah) nor the Masjid of the prophet!!!) and during the religious lessons, thinking that the daily behaviors and morals have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.

*** Those Who disregard one of the Islam pillars in spite of their ability –and that is the pillar of Hajj (pilgrimage) - because they think that the are not old enough, and that they still  have a long life in front of them in which they will sin so they will go to Hajj when they become old and have a white hair in order to erase all the previous sins once!!!

**** Those who denounce the veil (Al-Higab) because they have faithful hearts and that the goodness of the hearts is more important than the external appearance, incautious (or assuming incaution) that this is an order from Allah the Almighty that is obligatory like the prayer!!!

Also the fathers, mothers and the spouses who object and even fight with their daughters and wives in order not to wear the Higab.

**** those who are reluctant to attend religious lessons and lectures or whatever could remind them of Allah, claiming that: “religion is easiness” and “ do not forget your own share in life” at the same time they forget their own share in the hereafter!!!

***** Those that are affected by the western culture appearances and its false sparkling, so they separate from their religion gradually and what remains as a link between them, so that  Islam becomes  just their Islamic name, or the type of religion stated in the passport!!!

 Some of them are immersed by these appearances until it leads them to the apostasy –we sake refuge from Allah- and some times  they change their  names "Mimi" or "Michael" after it was "Mohammed"!!!

j- Because the most precious thing that the human being own –after his belief in Allah the Almighty- is the dignity "not the money,or the achievement, or the high rank, nor the ability. The criminal usually agonizes deep inside even before others judge him because he knows his inner self, which feels the absence of the dignity because of the bad deeds he commited. While the respectful human, who has dignity, knows it is better to mount the high tops and elite ranks. That was the state of Joseph, the truthful peace be upon him, when the king of Egypt anticipated that he may be of benefit for him one day; to be his caliph on his people or take him as a son.

So he told his wife, when he came happily with Joseph, {Make his stay (among us) honorable},which  means be generous with his position and make him in a respected and appreciated site and did not recommend anything else. He might have seen that the raising of children  which is built on the basis of honor will end by the human to be a knowledgeable and to be able to take right decisions in accordance with the foundations and basis of wisdom and to, additionally, execute such decisions as well.

If we seek the dignity and its results for our children so it is better to grant it to them through their love for the creator of the dignity who grants it to their father Adam and make the angles prostrated for him, and said about him :{We have honored the sons of Adam}

If we want the highest degrees in this life and the hereafter, there is no way but to help them love Allah, which leads them to be righteous. So they become among those whom Allah said about them: {Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you}

4- How we implant the love of Allah the Almighty in the hearts of our children?
This mission needs in the beginning that the parents ask Allah, The Most Knowledgeable, The Strongest and The Reasonable, for His help.

So they ask for His help, for the reward for the good raising for their children for the sake of Allah , with the importance of building right and correct relations between the family and the children"(4). After that, comes the care, attention, attentiveness and awareness from the parents or who raise the children because they will talk about the most important thing in the world and the most important that their child needs; so they "must tackle that issue with understanding, depth, love and amiability"(5). But if they make a mistake, the negative consequences will be of terrible outcomes.

So we should bear in mind the age stage of the child, his own personal characteristics and circumstances. The sooner we start,, the more it will be better. Also if we take care of the first child it will be easier and more helpful to assist his younger siblings to love Allah; because the eldest brother or sister is their model example and also he has more effect on them more than the parents.

 Also it is a must to choose the proper time and way to talk about this important topic.

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
أحــمــد لــبــن AhmadLbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى

عدد المساهمات : 17019
العمر : 65

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: Our Children and the love of Allah the Al-Mighty   19/05/17, 04:26 am

 Here is an elaboration for how to teach them the love of Allah in different stages:
Firstly: Pre-marriage stage:
First of all ,If the good seed is put in a bad land, it will wither, die and will not give its fruits. So Islam considers right choice of the husband and the wife as one of the child’s rights on his parents. Allah the Almighty said in his honored book :{ women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity}, the prophet peace be upon him said: (Choose for your drops of fluid; the kind is inherited) and he said: (The woman is married for four things: for her money, her beauty, her family and her religion. So choose the righteous one, you will win.) It was narrated that the Imam Ja'far Al-Sadeq said: Prophet Peace be upon him and his followers stood once as a preacher and said: (Oh people, be ware from "Khadra'a Al-Dumon". They said: Oh Allahs prophet, and what is "Khadra'a Al-Dumon"? He said: The beautiful woman from a bad environment).

Prophet peace be upon him assured that the husband should be satisfying by his religion and ethics, he said: (If a man proposes, whom you are satisfied with his religion and manner, so let him marry), the prophet peace be upon him and his followers continues by prohibiting the refusal of a man, with good ethics and religion, by saying: (If you did not, there will be turbulence on  earth and a big depravity).

Also prophet peace be upon him said: (Who weds his daughter to a bad one, is as whom disconnected her relation).

If the issue confuses those who are about to get married, Islam represent the solution for them in "Istekharah prayer" (A prayer in which the Muslim ask Allah to guide him ,and  choose for him in a certain issue).

 Then comes, after the right choice of the husband or the wife, the supplication to Allah to grant us the righteous offspring as prophet Zakaria peace be upon him said praying: {My Lord! grant me from Thee good offspring; surely Thou art the Hearer of prayer} and as the righteous people made a prayer: {O our Lord! grant us in our wives and our offspring the joy of our eyes, and make us guides to those who guard (against evil)}.

Secondly: Antenatal stage:
The author suggests that every muslim mother who is waiting for a child should begin, since her knowledge that there is a sustenance from Allah in her gut, should increase her approach to Allah as a thank for his blessing and as a preparation to receive this blessing. So the serenity shines in her heart, which positively affects the psychological comfort of the fetus.

 Also she should increase listening to the holy Quran which affects the fetus who gets used to hear it so he stays in contact with it in his future life God wiling.

We have in Imraan wife –the mother of Marryam- a good example when she said: {My Lord! surely I vow to Thee what is in my womb, to be devoted (to Thy service); accept therefore from me, surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing} so the result was: {And her Lord accepted her with full acceptance}

The experiences proved that the food favored by the child is what was eaten more by his mother during her pregnancy with him. Also the fetus is more active if there was a noise or sound around the mother which means that the fetus is affected by the mother’s surroundings..

(This is the genetics engineering assures the presence of many effects which compose the state of the fetus whether these effects were biological, psychological, spiritual or emotional.

We always see how much the fetus is affected by the addiction of the mother on smoking. If smoking has a serious effect on the physical health of the fetus. So to what extent he is affected morally and psychologically by listening to his mother backbiting, eating the pork or making the prohibitions while she is holding him in her gut?!) (6)

Doctor " Ala' Aldeen Alqabanje"(7) assures that by saying: "it is a big mistake to deny the environmental effect on the semen at the same time we note the environment effect on the individual. The semen will not stop at being affected by the chemical stimulants (including the food substances and the medicine) or the environmental circumstances; it will also keep to be affected by the strong trend to Allah.

The spirit of comfort and trend to Allah the Almighty decreases from the tensions and the psychological turbulent interactions. The sheik "Ali Alqarnee" adds: "The modern science assures that the fetus has a mentality which is not separated from the mother’s mentality; he is happy sometimes, sad sometimes and get angry sometimes with the prohibitions that his mother commits like smoking. One of the doctors did an experiment on a pregnant lady in her sixth month that is a smoking addict. He asked her to stop smoking for twenty four hours while he was monitoring the fetus by the photography.

The fetus was quiet and calm until the doctor gave the mother a cigarette. When she bur it and put it in her mouth, the fetus begin to get turbulent in accordance with the turbulence of his mothers heart.

  Scientific research  also proved that the mothers' emotions are conveyed to her fetus; he moves in a thanking movement when he feels that his mother wants and ready to receive him while he gets turbulent, shrinks and hits by his legs announcing his objection when he feels his mother does not want him. For example, there was a baby girl whose mother did not want to get pregnant ,and tried to abort her but with no much success. When the mother delivered her baby girl, she refused to be breast fed from her. When another woman breast fed her, she accepted!!!

 But she returned to refuse the breast feeding of her mother another time even after they blindfolded her eyes and then gave her to her mother to feed her!!!"(8)

While we see another mother was keen, since the beginning of the pregnancy, on reciting the Quran and hearing it in all of her situations: standing, sitting and laying, so the result was that she had a baby who memorize the holy Quran, from Allah the Almighty favors and he was able to recite it while he was at the age of five!!! All blessing to Allah the best creator"(9)

From the above mentioned we conclude that raising the child begins since antenatal stage; "If the fetus arises in his mother gut in an environment of calmness and serenity -what mostly give both these feelings is the closure to Allah The Almighty- he will obey by the will of his Lord, acknowledges his mothers' favor on him and have a rational sane character and a calm spirit; as if his tongue saying: {Is there any Reward for Good - other than Good?}"(10)

Thirdly: Past-delivery until the second year stage:
"After the baby is delivered and begins breast feeding and growing, he will be more receivable for the life changes than the adult. Because he will be like the white page that is ready to receive the writing lines while the adult convictions is almost complete so it becomes so hard to change or erase it"(11)

So we should read a spiritual healing on him, which is taken from the Qur’an  and the right  Sunnah, hear with him the Quranic recitations for sheiks of good voices, and persistently ask Allah for his forgiveness, praising to Allah, thanking Allah, declaration of faith and saying there is no change power or might unless with Allah while we are holding him in order for the angles to surround him and get used to hear like these shiny words.

"With the increase of the conscious growing of the child, we must be keen on mentioning Allah the Almighty in front of him always. Instead of saying: "gaga" or any other pronunciations, we say: "Oh Allah". We should always make the pronunciation of the Almighty touches his hearing so he learns it by heart and it turns to be from the first vocabulary and glossary he forms.

 If he wants to grovel and becomes able to pronounce, we should take his hand and show him that we want to lift him up and say: "Oh my lord, Oh helper" and try to make him repeat with us. If we feel that he becomes more able to pronounce the words, we should teach him the declaration of faith (al-shadatayen) and repeat it with him to get used to it"(12) so he will be asking about its meaning when he is able to talk later on.

Fourthly: From two to three years stage:
In this age, the child is open minded which enhances us to let him memorize some of the small surahs like Al-Fatehah (Surah # 1), Al-Asr (Surah # 103) and Al-Kawthar (Surah # 108)….etc. according to his ability in memorizing.

 Also we can let him memorize some chants like:
 "Allah is the lord of the creations, He gives us provisions", and
 "Who teaches the bird to build a nest on the tree, Allah taught him and by justice makes him nice") (13)

Hush little baby pure and small
He created you, he created us all,
Hush little baby don’t you feel.

We are never alone when Allah is so near
Hush little baby breathing so calm
He protects us all and keep us from harm
Hush little baby still and serene,
You are a Muslim , Islam is your deen.
 you can hear it on the following link:

"Allah is my lord, Mohammad is my prophet, Islam is my religion, Al-Kabah is my qeblah (my target in praying), Quran is my book, The messenger is my model example, Fasting is my fort, Charity is my cure, Al-woduoo (ablution) is my purity, Praying is my comfort, Honesty is my intention, Truth is my manner, Paradise is my hope and Allah' satisfaction is my aim".

after his consciousness and awareness increase, we repeat in front of him that Allah is who provides us with food, makes the water fresh to satiate our thirst, gave him his father and mother to take care of him, gave us the money and the house, the car and thetoys ….etc., so He is thanks worthy ,and the first thank for Allah is to love Him and not to make Him angry with us by worshipping Him and not worshipping any one else) (14)

Also we mention Allah while we play with him with his doll, like saying: These, the two hands, the two eyes, the two arms and the two legs, we have like them but the doll is made from fabric or plastic while what Allah has given us is real, which benefit and help us in our life.

If we set to eat, we say in a voice that he heard: "In the name of Allah", and if we finish, we say: "All praise to Allah", the same thing when we drink, go to sleep and get up) (15),so that  child to get used to and repeat it by himself without asking him to do that.

Also we must tell them that Allah the Almighty likes the good for them and knows what benefit them. Allah is the one who advocated the parents to choose their names (teach them their religion and life issues, the good manners and raise them in a right way. He ordered the parents to be kind and have affection toward them, be justice among them and their siblings in every thing) (16).

Allah is their lover who forgives them until they reach the age of consciousness. We tell them that he forgives their sins while they are young so they should be shy from Allah and do not disobey Him.

It is beneficial to relate every nice thing around them with Allah the Almighty; the flower, the bee, the butterfly, the moon and other creations of Allah. While the things which appear harmful to us like the fly, the mouse and others are from Allah's creations also, and it does a work which helps to keep the world around us nice and clean.

Also we should relate every good manner to Allah the Almighty; Allah loves the kindness, the gentleness, the justice, the beauty and the cleanness …etc. We should make the idea of the presence of Allah without the ability for seeing him in this life close to their minds. There are things that we feel it, see its effects and benefit from it without seeing it like the air, the electricity and the perfume …etc. But who wants to see His Highness, he must increase his good deeds to win the favor and see Him in the paradise.

We should also hang pictures of the two holy mosques in order for the child's eyes to get used to it ,and make his curiosity motivates him to ask about them.

And then we answer him in a way to make him craves for them (such as saying about the Ka'aba: it is the house of Allah and Allah is generous, He honors His guest who visit His house and provides them with beautiful things such as sweets, toys and other things which the child loves), while noting well  that if we accompany him to there we should make his memories about the visit as happy as possible and buy him the gifts and the things which he likes that satisfies him to make his happiness connected to the holy mosque and from there to the Lord of the mosque!!!

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
أحــمــد لــبــن AhmadLbn
مؤسس ومدير المنتدى

عدد المساهمات : 17019
العمر : 65

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: Our Children and the love of Allah the Al-Mighty   19/05/17, 04:30 am

Fifth: From Age 3 to 6:
The child's perception and usage for information and following his family is the best in this stage (17). Also, he becomes very excited about listening to stories. Therefore, we should benefit from this by composing and narrating stories which direct him to the correct behavior which we wish for him. This method is most effective if most of these stories revolve around one character with a certain name for a hero or a heroine of the story [it is better to be a boy if the child was a boy, and vice versa], where its various events are carried out in several environments, and each one should aim at telling him about Allah the Glorious that He is the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, The Most Loving, The Kind, The Bestower of all good, The Generous One,The Compassionate, The All Forgiving, The Most Appreciative, The Acceptor Of Repentance, and The Eternal Owner Of Sovereignty.

The story should also aim at providing him with various manners if the mother tells each story alone in a separate day to give him the chance to think about it.

However, if he asks for another story in the same day, we can tell him about the pets which he likes how they behave ,eat and so on ,not to distract him from the aim of every day story.

This makes him connected to the character of the hero or the heroine of the story, and waiting for the latest news about his/her adventures every day,While implants in his little soul the experiences that are gained from these stories.

On the other hand, if the mother cannot compose the stories, she can use the published stories such as (but not limited to) the series of "our children", the stories of the "Safeer" corporation for children, the stories of the educating writer "Abdeltawwab Yousuf", the depicted stories of the prophets which is available from "Dar Al-Maarif" in Cairo, whatever is available.

Below is a story that the author heard from the teacher of her daughter which was helping her to memorize the Quran, and it aims at loving Allah, trusting Him ,doing our best, and then relying on Him:

"Nada was sitting next to her mother who was changing the clothes of her infant sister Basmah when the mother discovered that Basmah's temperature is rising. So the mother tried to aid her with the natural materials which were available at the house,but without much success.

As the father was traveling abroad, the mother asked Nada to stay next to her sister until she goes to the pharmacy next to their house to buy medicine for her. Nada said: "I hear and obey, mother"

While Nada was singing for her sister after the mother left, the electric current was disconnected and the darkness overwhelmed the room.

Nada felt so scared and she did not know what to do. However, she remembered the saying of her mother: "Allah is indeed always with us wherever we are and in all times of day and night. He sees us, takes care of us, and protects us more than the parents because He is stronger than all creatures and because He loves his believing slaves".

So she kept petting Basmah who started to cry, then she ran to the window and opened it to let some light penetrate into the room. So Nada was happy and said to Basmah: "look, this is the moon. Allah sent it to stay with us in our loneliness and to light the room until our mother returns and the electric current is back.

Look how beautiful the light of the moon is because Allah is the One who made it. It's fade does not harm the eye also it shines with calm into the soul, do you love Allah as I love him, Basmah?" She kept talking to her sister and singing the song she heard from her mother:

Hush little baby don’t you feel?
We are never alone when Allah is so near!!!

until the mother returned and gave the medicine to Basmah then she praised Nada who did well.

 After that,the mother promised her to go with her to the book store to buy a children's book about the moon to know more information about it. She also recited the Surah of the Moon (surah number 54) as a reward for her for what she did!!!

We can also sing with them the following song:
Say he is Allah ,the only one
We all need him , and he needs no one
He has no parents , no daughter , no son
Nobody is like him ,and he is like no one
Say he is Allah ,the only one.

 And it is available on the following link:

When we talk to them in this age we should be honest (and stay away from exaggeration), so Allah exists in the skies and we raise our hands when we invoke to Him. He gets shy from us if we stretch our hands to Him, and He returns them empty because He is the shyest, most generous, the strongest, sees us everywhere, hears us even if we were alone, He loves us so much and we should love Him because He created us and created every thing that we need.

So He commands his soldiers and they execute His orders, He tells the clouds: rain on my slaves so that they can drink and irrigate their plants and cattle, and the rain would start. He also rewards the Muslims who love Him enter the Paradise. In the paradise, joy will be for the Muslim who prays ,fasts, makes charity, be honest with people, obeys his parents and respects the elders and works hard in his study, does not harm his siblings or friends. Allah the Highest loves the children and He will give them what they want if they stay away from every thing that He does not like. We should not speak in the details of Allah's nature before the child to avoid committing mistakes that we might be held accountable for" (18)

Sixth: Stage of age 7 to 10:
This is a stage (of high importance so we should not take it lightly. His mental and thinking abilities begin to increase in a good way, so he needs to be    accompanied and treated as a friend.

Through that we implant in him the idea of worshipping Allah the Almighty in a deep way. If we get him a gift for example and he said: "Thanks", we told him that Allah the Almighty also deserve thanking because He is the first provider so we say to the child: "What about your eyes, Are they dear to you?!

Could you exchange them with the treasures of the earth?!", Also the two ears, the tongue and other body parts until the feeling of the value of the body parts becomes deep in his soul. Then we ask him the question "Who is so generous with us that he gave us these body parts? And how would our lives be if he did not give us them?!" So the body parts are the worthiest gift that Allah the Almighty gave us, after believing in Him, and it is a must to thank Him and no one else for His gifts) (19)we can also watch this video with them about the names of Allah

It is also  important to build an optional educational rule for the child by enhancing him to read and rewarding him with a story; a simplified encyclopedia, a beneficial book or a valuable attractive magazine instead of sweets! But before we buy him something to read, we should regard carefully that we stay away for example from magazines like "mickey mouse", "Superman", "Batman" and others like them which tell  stories that occur in a western environment and invade us with their strange customs and traditions, which negatively affect  our children so we should replace it for example by "Majid magazine" and "Salam wa Fursan Al-Khair" (Salam and the horsemen of goodness) which are issued in the united Arab of emirates and spread the religious and moral values among the children in a lovely kind way for him with the addition to educating and teaching him. Also the magazines of: "Al-Arabi Al-Sageer" (the little Arabian) and "Sa'd" which are issued in Kuwait.

There are also the following electronic magazines on the internet:
We can also go with him to a book shop ,or  library where we are sure that they sell  or have good books, then let him choose by himself. It is good to narrate for the child in this stage the story of prophet Yahia  peace be upon him, in order to be his model example; (Yahia was an example from the prophets in asceticism, reclusion and the lord love. He was shining love for all the creations.

The people, the birds, the monsters, the deserts and the mountains loved him then his blood was shed because of a truthful word he uttered in front of unfair king about a prostitute dancer.

The scholars mention the favor of Yahia and give many examples for that; Yahia was at the same era of Jesus and he was his maternal relative (his mothers' cousin) The sunnah tells that Yahia and Jesus met one day so Jesus said to Yahia: Ask Allah to forgive me, you are better than me. Yahia said: Jesus, you ask Allah to forgive me, you are better than me. Jesus said: You are better than me. I greeted myself and Allah greeted you. This story indicates the favor of Yahia when Allah greeted him when he was born, passed away and when he will be resurrected alive.

It was said that the prophet of Allah; Mohammed, peace be upon him went one day to his companions and found them talking about the favors of the prophets. One said: Musa talked with Allah. One said: Jesus is the spirit of Allah and his word. And one said: Ibraham is the beloved of Allah_They kept on talking about the prophets. The messenger peace be upon him cut their speech when he saw them not mentioning Yahia: “Where is the martyr, the son of the martyr? He was wearing the pile and eating the trees leaves because he was afraid of the sin. Where is Yahia, the son of Zachariah?”

His birth was a miracle; Allah the Almighty granted to his father Zachariah after a long age until the old man give up from having an offspring. He comes after a pure supplication by which the heart of Zachariah moved. His childhood was far different from the lives of children; most of the children were playing while he was serious all the time. Some of the children were amused by killing the animals while Yahia was feeding the animals and the birds kindly and gently from his food while he stayed without food or used to eat the trees leaves or its fruits.

The more Yahia got older, the more his face shined and his heart was filled with wisdom, love of Allah, knowledge and peace. Yahia loved reading and he was reading in science since his childhood so when he became adult, the mercy of Allah called him: {O Yahia! take hold of the Book with strength, and We granted him wisdom while yet a child}

The order was to Yahia while he was adult to take the book in a strong way which means to study the book accurately , the book of religious rulings ,and be serious about obeying God's orders. Allah granted him the interest in the rulings knowledge and the ability to judge among people while he was still a boy.

He was the most knowledgeable and the wisest one in his time. He studied the rulings a comprehensive study; for this reason Allah gave him wisdom while he was a child. He was judging between people; explaining the secrets of religion for them, leading them to the rights path and aware them not to take the sins path.

Yahia grew older so his knowledge, his kindness, his gentleness by his parents, the people, the creations, the birds and the trees increased until the earth was full of his kindness and mercy. He was asking people to repent from the sins and was making prayer to Allah for them. There was not a man who hated Yahia or wished him harm. He was beloved for his kindness, purity, religiosity, knowledge and his favors. Then Yahia increased on that his asceticism. When he was standing between people to invite them to Allah, they cried from the love and devoutness. His true words affected their hearts because they were close to Allah’s vows.

A morning came and Yahia went to meet people. The “Masjid” was full with people, Yahia; the son of Zachariah stood and began speaking. He said: "Allah the Almighty revealed obligations for me to abide by and for you as well; to worship Allah alone without partners. Who share others with Allah in worshipping ,and worship other one is like a slave who was bought by his master subsequently he went to work for a master other than his master.!

Who wants his slave to be like that? He ordered you to pray because Allah looks at his slave while he is praying unless he turns away. So if you pray, be humble. He ordered you to fast and that is like a man who has pocket of nice smell perfume wherever he goes; the scent of the perfumed is smelled from him. And he ordered you to pray to Him the Almighty too much. That is like a man who his enemies wanted him so he went fast to a strong fort and sought refuge; thus the greatest fort is praying to Allah and there is no salvation without this fort.) (20) While for the girls we tell them, as much as they can understand the story of lady Merriam (Mary) and how she was ascetic and worshipped Allah the Almighty, how she passed a very hard test and how Allah The Almighty saved her from it by His power.

Seventh: ten years and older stage:
In this stage the features of independence_ such as  the self pride, sticking with his opinion and not hearing for the parents' advices and or disappear clearly on the child, Parents represent the authority and the ties for them. He wants to be librated from what he perceives are ties so he incline more to his friends, open his heart for them and accept from them what he does not from his parents. So we can explain to him by telling some stories which happened with us or with whom we know that Allah the Almighty is the best friend, moreover He is the best friend who reserves the trust, is the best protector and guardian and that the child friendship with Allah does not contradict his friendship with his friends.

Also we should explain to our children that Allah sometimes test the human with trouble or problem to purify, ascend his degrees, and make him closer to Him. It is like the doctor who causes pain to his patient sometimes to protect his health and rescue him from a serious danger.

It is true that this stage is dangerous because it rebuilds the child mentally and intellectually again and it may lead to gross consequences if the child was treated badly during it. What also help the parents to lead their child to the right path is to start with him since the early childhood. So he will not find a big difficult in this stage because they already put the correct base then they continued narrating the plant until it could stand on its' stem. Now they are adding other effort to their previous effort and the efforts will give its' fruits) (21)

 We can tell them about the great attributes of Allah and explain their meaning to them; Allah is The Most Compassionate, The Merciful, The Loving One, The Pardoner, The Forgiver, The Most Kind, The All-Peaceful, The kindest, The Giver , The Generous, The Provider, The Gentle, The Knower , The All-Knowing, The Judge, The Just, The Equitable, The Truth, The Granter and Accepter of repentance, Owner of the Kingdom, The Light, The Guide, The Patient one.

But He is also The Most Strong, The Firm One, The Protector, The Compeller, The Lord of Retribution, who  Has the great might. The Bestower of honour, The Humiliator, The withholder, The Expander, The Subduer, The Preventer of harm, The Abaser, The Exalter, The Benefiter, The Afflicter, The Causer of death. It is not enough to only explain the attributes of beauty which spread the impressments and affinity in their souls towards their lord, but also the names of the Almightiness, which make them feel that Allah, the Almighty, has the ability to protect them in the time of need; he is their guardian and protector because he is The preserver, The Strongest, The Omnipotent and The Powerful. What benefits also with our children in this stage,is the calm aimful conversation,

 the powerful one which means: "hear and comply" ,the superficial one which ignores the major topics, the dead-end conversation which says "there is no need for conversation because we will not agree" ,the underestimating conversation ,in which the parent does not see any thing except his/her opinion and underestimates the others, nor the ivory-tower conversation which makes the dialogue revolve around philosophic subjects which are not related to the daily real life.

Positive, healthy and objective dialogue is the one which sees the pros and cons at the same time, and sees the obstacles as well as the ability to overcome them.

This is an optimistic dialogue which gives both sides the chance to express and real innovation. It respects the other’s opinion and admits for the certainty of differences between opinions among the humans, and the proper manners of disagreement and welcoming it. This is also a realistic dialogue which connects positively with the daily life, and this connection is not a connection of acceptance and falling under its commands but a connection of understanding, changing and correction. Moreover, this is a dialogue of agreement when agreement is the right decision and disagreement,when disagreement is the right decision because our ultimate goal is to prove the truth whatever it is, and we should not see it with our desires. Above all, it is a dialogue full of love, responsibility, care and self-ignorance (22)

Let us take an example for the positive dialogue from the Islamic history, this dialogue happened in the Battle of Badre when the Muslims gathered to face the disbelievers and the water wells were before them. Here Al-Habbab ibn Al-Monther (may Allah be pleased with him) stood up and asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "Is this a place that Allah told you to stay at or it is the opinion and war plotting"? The noble Messenger answered: "No, it is the opinion and war plotting".

So Al-Habbab said: "Oh Messenger of Allah, this is not a good place!!, and suggested that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) should stay in the place where the water wells were behind the Muslims so that the believers would not be able to reach them, and get thirsty.

 Indeed, the Messenger adopted this right opinion and that was among the factors of victory in that battle.

If we try to analyze this situation, we will  find that Al-Habbab ibn Monther was a positive Muslim although he was among the common Muslims and he had excuses to stay silent or stop his thinking. He was a soldier of the Messenger of Allah who receives revelation descending from the skies and there were the major companions of the opinion and consultation. However, all of these excuses did not stop him from using his head, and did not stop him of declaring his right opinion.

Nonetheless, he followed the high manners in declaring this opinion and asked first if this place was a revelation from Allah or a human thought. When he knew that it is a human thought, he found that a space for discussing his correct vision, and the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) did not find a problem in taking the opinion of one of the common Muslims. This situation gives us an important impression about the common atmosphere among the Muslims at that time. That atmosphere was full of trust, love, positivism, and giving and accepting the advice.

If the modern democratic systems allow  the citizen to say his opinion when he wants to, Islam goes above that where it makes it compulsory upon the human to say his opinion even if he was a soldier from the common people under the flag of the Messenger of Allah upon him the best prayers and the finest peace, and this is the highest levels of free opinion (23).

Through the calm conversation with our children, we can explain that the one who repents is the beloved of the Most Merciful, and that all creatures and  beings ask Allah everyday  for permission to destroy the son of Adam(the human being) who eats from the givings of Allah the Highest and do not thank Him, but worship  other than Him. However, Allah the Glorious keeps telling them: "leave them alone, they are my worshipers, If you created them you would have mercy upon them" and He is the one who says in a Qudsy (Holy) Hadith: "If humans did not sin, He would perish them and bring other creations who sin, repent and then He forgives them" and He is the one who "runs toward His worshiper who walks toward Him" and He is the one who overlooks the mistakes of His worshiper, shelter him, preserve him and provides him in spite of his insistence to disobey Him. He keeps giving him a chance to repent, He is the one who "obliged upon himself with mercy", He is the one who called Himself the Most Merciful, Best Forgiver, Best Provider and Best Supporter, and He is the one who said in His holy book :"Indeed Allah forgives all the sins"!!!

In this stage, we can tell them how Allah supported His beloved among the prophets and the righteous people (24) and tell them about models among the companions and righteous people who loved Allah the Highest and He loved them and took care of their matters. This can be by telling their stories which we find examples for in the known books of Seerah (the history of the prophet-hood) and also in the last half of the lecture "the love of the worshiper for Allah" for the Islamic caller "Amr Khaled" (25) and we can also listen with them to the two lectures: "the love of Allah is the origin of the religion" for Sheikh Ratib Al-Nablsi (26) and "Love of Allah" for Mr. Amr Khaled (27).

We should consider the psychological and faithful situation of the child when we speak about this matter. When we see that he needs hope in the mercy of Allah, we make him desire it; and if we see that he needs what  stops him at his limit, we scare him from the punishment of Allah.

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5. How to keep this love alive?
In order recharge their love for allah , We should:
*give them a chance to get to know people who really love Allah,
*take them to Mecca for performing Omrah ,and explain to them when we are doing (Tawaf)by the Ka'aba that we are under the Throne of Allah the Almighty,and that angles are doing Tawaf also up on our heads _but up ,high on the seventh sky ! and also explain that in Mecca  we are the noble guests of the Lord ,and because He is the most generous ,He would  give us according to His generosity.

*take advantage of going with them on picnics(on the sea side ,in forests ,in deserts_etc.) to encourage them to deeply  think  about how great Allah is through pondering about his doings and creatures He created!!

*encouraging them to keep remembering the blessings of Allah, especially the best of all ,which ”Islam” (helping them to become Muslims),and then the rest of blessings by drawing a table like the following:

My sins Blessings of Allah
*Encourage them to give charity(which help them get rid of selfishness and Stinginess) ,telling them that charity goes to the hand of the Lord(means they are rewarded for it), before it goes in the hand of the poor people. (25)
*Being good examples for them in loving Allah , and the Prophet (peace be upon Him)
*Being also good examples in loving and prefering what Allah likes on what we like.
 *talking with them about the meeting of Allah on the day of judgement, and being His neighbors in Paradise , and how He would visit us in our palaces _so their hearts long for seeing  and being with Allah in paradise ,and their  love for Allah gets deeper in their little hearts.
6. When and how do we talk to them?
To make sure that we affect them, we should follow the teacher of human hood, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), who was teaching his companions and the Muslims and directing them in many ways, such as (but not for limitation):

1. Excitement by asking a question and then answering it: As prophet peace be upon him: (Do you know who is the bankrupt?)

2. Attract their attention by a question, by using the opening: "Should not I tell you": As prophet peace be upon him used to say: (Should not I tell you about the best people?), (Should not I tell you about the people of paradise?), (Should not I tell you by what Allah erase the sins?)…etc.

3. Telling a story, as prophet peace be upon him narrated the story of the man who gave the dog a dose of water by his shoe so he entered paradise. And the story of the woman who was sent to hell fire because she had imprisoned a cat.

4. While taking him on a trip or a ride to a certain place , as Ibn Abaas may Allah be satisfied with them said: (I was behind the prophet of Allah one day, and he said: Oh boy, let me  teach you some  words: obey Allah ,so He will protect you…) till the end of this Hadeeth (saying). And there is another hadeeth narrated by Abu tharr may Allah be satisfied with him:” The prophet of Allah peace be upon him rode a donkey, let me behind him and said: (Oh Abu thar, if people suffer a strong hunger to the extent you could not stand up and go from your bed to your Masjid, what will you do? I said: Allah and his prophet know better. He said: Have the chastity)

5. Take advantage of the occurrence of a certain situation as we saw in the hadeeth that was narrated by Omar Ibn Abu Salamah may Allah be satisfied with them: (I was a boy under the patronage of the prophet of Allah peace be upon him and my hand was improperly within the plate.

So the prophet of Allah peace be upon him said: Oh boy, …mention the name of Allah, eat with your right hand and eat what is in front of you.)

6. Telling him from time to time that we love him as prophet peace be upon him said to Moaz Ibn Jabal: (Oh Moaz, I swear by Allah that I love you) and to Sa'ad Ibn Abe Waqqas : (throw your arrow Sa'ad, I would sacrifice my father and my mother to protect you).

and here are some things that make achieving this target easy:
*We should not talk with him in this topic while he is angry, after punishing him for any reason, while he is crying ,or in an atmosphere that is full with depression or sadness.

**If we do not want to do something that he wants, we should not say for him: "By the will of Allah" in order not to teach him, from repeating that, that this sentence means: "I won't do" instead we should say: "We will see, I will think ,or according to circumstances" or any other similar phrases.

***If we want to punish him, we should not swear by Allah that we will  punish him. It is enough to say: "You will see how I will punish you ,or some thing like that" in order not to connect the name of Allah with the punishment in his mind.

****We should not repeat in front of him every time he does a mistake: "Allah will send you to the hell fire if you did that again" in order for him not to connect the name of Allah the Almighty with the hell fire since his childhood.

*****If we were hitting him or about to punish him for any reason and he asks refuge from Allah the Almighty, we must stop directly and suppress our anger as much as we can, because Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) ordered us to do so .

7-What should I do if I have not started yet with my child?
Start directly but with a gradual steps that are proper to his age and his conditions ; ask for Allah's' help and do not give up; {none despairs of Allah's mercy except the unbelieving people.} (surat yusuf-verse 87 )

8-  experiences of some mothers':
A mother talked about her father's and mother's experience in directing her and her sisters, saying that  The father used to come  from the prayer of Friday each week and talk directly to his wife saying: "This is what the Sheikh (preacher) of the Masjid said today…." So he tells her many stories then he comes out of it with advices and guidance while ignoring his children who are gazing at him and are listening with high concentration to the talk of (the adults).

The story said: "When I grew up and remembered what my father was saying, I knew that some of his talk could not be said by the Sheikh ,but it was directed to us: me and my sisters. The most surprising thing was that we were affected by this indirect talk, were respecting our lord a lot, love Him and fear from any thing which may be called forbidden (Haram) because it makes Allah the Almighty angry, and now I am trying to follow the same way with my children"

Another mother talked about her three years old daughter who was the youngest between her siblings, who did not stop annoying her all the time. So she took the child with her to the lessons held at the Masjid to protect her from them. So this girl grew up, unlike her siblings, loving Allah the Almighty, fearing Him in the secret and public, and memorizing the information that she heard in the Masjid, moreover she was keen on praying, fasting and giving charity with happiness!!!

A third mother said: "My children were refusing to sleep alone in their room so I started to sit with them after each one goes to his bed, tell them an aimed story then shut down the room's light, leave a faint light enters from the side opening. Then I open the cassette of the last chapter of Qur’an (Amma) which is recited by a sheik who has a sweet peaceful voice and leave the room. The children were interested in his voice and sleep before the first part of it finishes. By the passage of time, they have stopped fearing to sleep alone. Once I turned on the cassette, they tell me: "Go to your room, we are not scared".

More important than this that they have started to ask about Allah the Almighty, long to see Him, ask about the meanings of the words of the verses that they listened to, even love the talk about religion and accept the advice with satisfaction"

And finally:
The vast huge volumes do not extend for the "Love of Allah the Almighty" topic. The past rapid words are just a try on the road, may Allah guide us to help our children to feel of the Almighty's' love on which their success in this life and the hereafter is built.
= = = = = =
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Our Children and the love of Allah the Al-Mighty
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