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  Brief Notes on How to Observe the Fast During the Month of Ramadhan

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
أحــمــد لــبــن AhmadLbn
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مُساهمةموضوع: Brief Notes on How to Observe the Fast During the Month of Ramadhan   10/06/14, 11:20 pm

نبذٌ في الصيامِ
لفضيلة الشيخ العلامة
محمد بن صالح العثيمين- رحمه الله.

Brief Notes on How to
Observe the Fast During
the Month of Ramadhan
By his eminence: Shaikh
Muhammad bin Salih Al-Othaimeen
(May Allah the Almighty shower His
Mercy upon him!)
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord
of the worlds; and may Peace and
Blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet
Muhammad, his honourable household
and all his companions! To proceed:
These are brief notes on how to
observe the fast (in Ramadhan), its
ruling and the categories of people in
(i.e. regarding) it; and other benefits in
1- Fasting is worshipping Allah the
Almighty by refraining from all that are
fast breakers; from dawn until sunset.
2- Observing the fast during the month
of Ramadhan is one of the great five
Pillars of Islam. The Prophet 
(P.B.U.H.) said {Islam has been built
on five Pillars, to testify that there is no
god worthy of being worshipped except
Allah and that Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah; and to establish
Prayers perfectly and give Zakat ( poordue),
and to observe Saum (the fast)
during Ramadhan and to perform Hajjif
you can afford it.} agreed upon.
People, in regard to fasting:
1- Fasting (in Ramadhan) is obligatory
for every Muslim who reached puberty
and he is sane, able and residing.
2- The disbeliever does not have to
fast, and he should not compensate (by
fasting the missed months) when he
embraces Islam.
3- The young one who has not reached
puberty yet, is not obliged to fast but he
should be ordered to try it so that he
may become accustomed to (fasting) it.
4- The insane is not supposed to fast in
Ramadhan or to feed (in recompense)
for it, even if he is an adult. And so are
the queer and the old one who do not
5- The one who is unable to fast for a
permanent reason such as old age and
senility, or suffering from an incurable
disease, should feed an indigent (a poor
man) for every missed day.
6- Anyone who suddenly becomes sick
and fasting becomes difficult for him,
can break his fasting, but he should fast
the missing days when he becomes well
7- The pregnant lady or the fostering
one, if it became difficult for them to
fast, or if they feared that their babies
might be affected, then they can break
their fasting; and recompense when it is
easy for them and the fear (for their
babies) has passed away.
8- The woman who is menstruating
and the one who has given birth to a
child and still in a postnatal period,
must not fast during these periods. Yet
they should compensate later on by
fasting equal number of days for the
missed ones.
9- The person who is obliged to break
his fasting so that he may be able to
save a drowning one or one who caught
fire, can do so and then compensate.
10- As for the person who is on
journey, it is up to him to fast or break
his fasting and then he should
compensate later on. This holds true
whether the journey was temporary,
like going to perform Umrah, or
permanent such as taxi drivers- these
can break their fasting as long as they
are away from home.
The things that cause the fast breaking
(i.e. fast breakers):
• If the person who is fasting takes
anything of the fast breakers forgetting,
unknowingly or forced to do so, then
his fasting is still valid; Allah the
almighty said:" Our Lord! Punish us
not if we forget or fall into error."Q.2:
• And He said: "… except him who is
forced thereto and whose heart is at rest
with Faith…"Q.16: 106.
*And He said: "And there is no sin on
you concerning that on which you made
a mistake, except in regard to what your
hearts deliberately intend."Q.33:5.
* So if someone forgot and ate
or drank, his fast will not be nullified
because he forgot that he was fasting.
* And if he ate or drank
thinking that the sun had already set or
dawn had not yet shown in the horizon,
then his fast won’t be nullified because
he was ignorant.
* And if he did some gargling
with water and then some water entered
into his throat unintentionally, again his
fasting won’t be nullified because he
didn’t do it deliberately.
* And if he had a wet dream in his
sleep, his fast will still be valid because
the dream was involuntarily done.
The Fast Breakers are eight and they
a- Sexual Intercourse: If it is done
during the day in Ramadhan, by
someone for whom fasting is obligatory
then he has to make a great expiation
along with the compensation. And it
(i.e. the expiation) is freeing a neck
(slave). If he couldn’t find, then he has
to fast for two consecutive months. And
if he couldn’t even do this, then he has
to feed sixty poor people (indigents).
b- Ejaculation while one is awake
through masturbation, kissing or
c- Eating or drinking whether it (i.e.
the thing eaten or drunk) is useful or
harmful; like smoking.
d- Injection with nutrient liquids that
may substitute for food. Because it is,
more or less, eating and drinking. But
the injections that do not give nutrition
do not break the fast whether they are
injected into the muscles or the veins;
and whether the injected person finds
its taste in his throat or not.
e- Injecting blood; for instance
someone was bleeding and he was
injected with blood to substitute for the
blood that was lost by bleeding.
f- The coming out of blood through
menstruation or delivery.
g- If blood comes out through cupping
(Hijamah) process- i.e. curing someone
by making him bleed. But if blood
comes out involuntarily, such as nasal
bleeding, tooth extract and the like,
then it will not break the fast; for this is
neither a bleeding therapy nor implied
in its meaning.
h- Vomiting, if it is deliberately done;
but if is involuntarily done then it will
not break the fast.
Some Benefits:-
1/ It is permissible for the one who
is observing the fast to make the
intention if he is in a state of
Janabah (sexual discharge) and then
he can purify himself (by taking a
whole bath) after dawn, (yet before
dawn prayer).
2/ The woman who is ridden of the
menstruation or delivery blood
before dawn, has to fast even if she
hasn’t taken a whole bath except
after dawn.
3/ It is permissible for the one who is
observing the fast to have his tooth
extracted and to cure his wound and to
have ear or eye drops. And that will not
break his fast even if he tasted (the
drops) in his throat.
4/ It is permissible for him who is
observing the fast to clean his teeth by a
tooth brush at the beginning of the day
and at the end of it; and this is a sunnah
for him just like the times other than
5/ It is also permissible for the fasting
person to do what will lessen the heat
for him or quench his thirst, like
washing his body with water or using
an air conditioner.
6/ Also the fasting one can spray into
his mouth what will lessen for him the
shortness of breath caused by the
pressure or by another thing.
7/ And it is permissible for him, who is
observing the fast, to wet his lips with
water if they became dry or to rinse his
mouth with water if it dries; without
8/ It is considered as sunnah for the
fasting one to delay the (Sahour) the
last meal until just before dawn and to
make haste to take his breakfast just
after sunset. He should start his
breakfast by taking fresh ripe-dates ;
and if he couldn’t find then by eating
dates, or if otherwise then by mere
water. Or by eating any Halal
(permissible lawful) food; but if he
couldn’t find anything then he just
makes the intention in his heart that he
has broken his fast until he finds
9/ It is sunnah for a fasting person to do
a lot of obedience and to keep away
from prohibited things.
10/ The fasting person should observe
his obligatory deeds and keep away
from all that is illegal: he should pray
the five prayers at their specific times
and to perform them in congregation,
and to stop telling lies, backbiting and
cheating and dealing with usury, and to
avoid every bad deed or saying, Allah
prohibited him from.
The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said: {If a
person does not refrain from lying and
indecent activities, Allah, does not want
that he should abstain from eating and
drinking.} Related by Al-Bukhari.
And all the praise is due to Allah
the Lord of the Worlds, and may Peace
and Blessings of Allah be upon our
Prophet Muhammad, his honourable
household and all his Companions.
Written by his eminence, Shaikh
Muhammad bin Salih Al-Othaimeen-
May Allah Shower His Mercy upon
him- on Sha’ban the16th. 1401 (H).
Translated by:-
 Tijani Muhammad Siddieque
Communities Guidance Section of Tabuk

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Brief Notes on How to Observe the Fast During the Month of Ramadhan
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