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منتدى إنما المؤمنون إخوة (2019 - 2010) The Believers Are Brothers

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Book 10
(Scene 1)
The people of Quraysh knew that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was being troublesome. He was telling people that he is the new Prophet of Allah, and that he receives messages from the sky to worship One God and asks them to leave all the other gods. However, where did he and his followers meet? They needed to know the secret place, so they decided to send men to spy on them.

One day, Saad Ibn Abu-Waqqas, a new Muslim, wanted to pray with Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in his secret place. As he was walking, a Qurayshi man followed him from behind. As soon as Saad arrived at the place and walked in, the man went back to tell the others what he saw. Abu-Jahl was one of those who stayed waiting; they waited behind a tree for the Muslims to come out from their place. Meanwhile, Saad has just finished his prayers and stepped outside. He saw Abu-Jahl waiting with some other Qurayshis. “What are you doing here?” asked Abu-Jahl. “Are you praying?” he added.

Before Saad replied, Abu-Jahl started to insult the Muslims and made fun of how they prayed. Saad became very angry so he took a big bone he found near him and hit one of the men with it. Then the man hit Saad on the ear. Saad was hurt and went back in. When Muhammad (Peace be upon him) saw Saad’s ear, he put his hand on it and said, “You have spilled your blood in Allah’s way, O Saad!”

(Scene 2)
Jibril had descended with the word of Allah, “And caution your nearest family, and show kindness to the Believers who follow you. Then if they disobey you, say: “I am free (of blame) for what you do!” And put your trust on the Exalted in Might, the Merciful, - Who sees you standing forth (in prayer), And sees your movements in bowing among those who bow, For it is He Who hears and knows all things”. (26:214-220)

Allah now told Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to go public. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) obeyed and went out to do as told. He went up the Safa (a mountain in Makkah) and called for all people to gather around. When they did, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) began, “O my friends, O you people of Quraysh, if I have told you that there is an army at the bottom of this mountain that wants to destroy you. Would you believe me?” asked Muhammad (Peace be upon him). “Yes we would”.

They replied.
“Then I have come with the word of Allah to warn you of a big disaster. Allah has ordered me to warn my nearest relatives”, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said. He then looked at the sons of Makhzoom and the sons of Assad and continued, “I have a thing that can help you in your life and the hereafter. It is to say, “there is no God but Allah”.

When Abu-Lahab heard what Muhammad said, he said, “You go and perish (die), you got us here to listen to this crazy talk?” He then left with his wife Um-Jamil. After that everyone left, and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) stayed alone on the Safa. This is when Allah sent down in the Qur’an this Surah, what can be translated as, “Perish the hands of Abu-Lahab! Perish he! No profit to him from all his wealth, and all his gains! Burnt soon will he be in a Fire of Blazing Flame! His wife shall carry the fuel, a (crackling) wood, a twisted rope of palm-leaf fiber round her (own) neck!” (TMQ, 111:1-5)11.

(Scene 3)
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) felt very sad that his people were not listening to him. Therefore, he asked Ali to prepare a big meal and to invite all the old and respected people of Quraysh over to talk to them. Ali invited Abu-Taleb, Hamza, Al-Abbas, Abu-Lahab and others. After they had finished their meal the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “O the sons of Abdul-Muttalib, I don’t know any other Arab man who came to his people with better words than mine. I’ve come with some words that will help you in this life and the hereafter. Who will support me on this? Whoever does, will be my brother, my doer, and my successor”.

No one said a word. Then Ali stood up and said, “I will be your supporter in Allah, O messenger of Allah”. Ali was the youngest of them. Here, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) took Ali by the neck and looked at the others and said, “This is my brother, my doer and my successor. Listen to him and obey him”. At this everybody laughed and said to Abu-Taleb, Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) uncle, “He has ordered you to listen to your own son and to obey him”.

(Scene 4)
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) continued to worship Allah in secret in Al-Arqam’s house. It was a house near Safa. One day, Abu-Jahl met Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and insulted him and made fun of his religion. At this moment, a man was walking by and saw what was happening. He was very impressed by Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) attitude towards Abu-Jahl.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did not reply at all. He was very quiet and not answering back. The man continued on his way until he saw Hamza walking by after finishing from his usual fishing trip.

“If only you know what Abu-Jahl was saying to your nephew a minute ago” the man said to Hamza. “He insulted him, mocked his religion, and was very overbearing”.

Hamza became very angry. How dare Abu-Jahl say such things to Muhammad? He went to him and saw that he was sitting with his friends. As he approached him, he took his crossbow out and struck him with it. When the other men saw Abu-Jahl’s blood they said to Hamza: “So you have joined your nephew in his religion?” Hamza said, “Who can stop me? I know that he is a Prophet of Allah. I will not leave his religion ever. Stop me if you can!” Then he left them staring at him, helpless. They knew they couldn’t stop him. Who could stop the strongest and the most courageous Hamza?

Hamza went to Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to say he is now a Muslim. He approached him and looked at him saying, “I believe that you say the truth. You are a witness to the truth. So make your religion known to everyone. By Allah I now know how wrong my first religion is”. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was very happy. He knew that Allah had made Islam stronger when his uncle Hamza became a Muslim.

(Scene 5)
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) asked the people of Quraysh to give up worshiping their Gods. They didn’t like this. They also didn’t like how Abu-Taleb (Muhammad’s uncle) was kind to him. Therefore, they decided to go to Abu-Taleb to talk to him. All the respected men from Quraysh walked up to Abu-Taleb. Among them were Utba Ibn-Rabia, Shiba Ibn-Rabia, Abu-Jahl Ibn Hisham and Abbas Ibn-Wael. They sent a messenger to Abu-Taleb to tell him that they came to talk about Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
12 In Arabic: Ahadun-Ahad.

“These are the oldest in your tribe. They ask permission to talk with you,” The man said. “Let them come in” Abu-Taleb replied. So the men went in and said, “O Abu-Taleb, you are the oldest and our lord. We ask you to do us justice. Order your nephew to stop talking about our Gods. If he stops we will leave him alone to his God”. Abu-Taleb sent for Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to attend the meeting.

When Muhammad (Peace be upon him) came in, Abu-Taleb said, “O my nephew, these are the respected men in your tribe, they have asked you to stop talking about their Gods so they can leave you alone to your God”. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) asked his uncle, “I have to stop it even if I am calling them to a religion that’s better for them then their own Gods?” “To what thing you are calling them?” asked Abu-Taleb. “I’m calling them to believe in a word that will make them the most powerful in the whole world,” answered Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Abu-Taleb then said, “By your father, tell us this word. I am sure we can tell you the same word and 10 more of it on top”. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) then said, “To say: there is no God but Allah (La Ilaha Ila’llah)”.

At this point, the old men became very angry. “Tell us anything other then this,” they cried out. When Abu-Taleb saw their anger, he complained to Muhammad (Peace be upon him). “Don’t make me carry a burden that I can’t carry,” he said. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) thought that his uncle would deliver him to the old men. So he said, “O Uncle, if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left and asked me to leave this religion, I will never leave it”. He then cried and turned away leaving the men. Abu-Taleb called after him, “Come my nephew, come”. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did.

Looking at him, Abu-Taleb said, “Go my nephew, go and say what you like. By Allah, I would not deliver you to any of them”.

(Scene 6)
The eldest men of Quraysh saw that Abu-Taleb was not turning his nephew in. So they decided to bargain with him as a last resort. They came up to him with Emara Ibnul-Waleed. Emara was the most handsome young man in Quraysh. They said to Abu-Taleb, “O’ Abu-Taleb, this is Emara, the most handsome young man in Quraysh. Take him as a son. He is yours to keep. Give us your nephew, the one who turned against your religion and the religion of your ancestors. We will kill him. You have one man and we have one. One for one”

Abu-Taleb couldn’t believe this bargain. “By Allah, what a ridiculous bargain you are making? You give me your son to raise and feed him and I give you my nephew to kill him? This will never happen!”

(Scene 7)
The heads of Quraysh saw that the new religion was spreading fast. They feared for their position in the tribe. The new religion would affect their future as heads of Quraysh. So they thought of stopping the people from converting to the new religion at all costs. Then each tribe started to torture the new Muslims. Omayyah Ibn-Khalaf was an example. He used to take out his servant Belal to the desert and place a rock on his chest. He told Belal to return to his old religion or else he will leave him in the desert to die.

Belal never gave in and used to always say, “One, only one”12.

Meanwhile, Abu Bakr was passing by and saw how Belal was being tortured. He paid Omayyah some money and bought Belal. He then set him free. At the same time, In Banu Makhzoom’s tribe (a tribe near Makkah), Ammar and his family were new Muslims. They were also being tortured under the intense heat of the sun. All of the Ammar’s family refused to leave Islam and return to their old religion. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) passed them by as they were crying out from the pain. “Be patient Oh Yasser’s family. Your last resting place will be Paradise,” he said.

They listened to their Prophet and were more patient. Abu-Jahl didn’t like that. So he killed Sumaya, Ammar’s mother with his spear.

From that point on, the heads of Quraysh became more aggressive to the new Muslims. They started to beat them, starve them, make them go thirsty, so they’d leave Islam and return to their old religion. The more severe the torture became, the more the patience grew in the Muslims’ hearts. They were never going to go back to their old religion, for how could they go back to the darkness after Allah has showed them the light and the straight path?

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