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 The Place I've ever Visited

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: The Place I've ever Visited   31/12/17, 02:13 am

The Place I've ever Visited
[size=43]I have Been Here, The Most Holy Place In This World; "Mecca"[/size]
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.
When we talk about the place that we've ever visited, there are so many places has come out from our mind. The entertainment, pleasure, excitement, and interesting are some of the reasons why we chose that place to be there. The beautiful sightseeing of Germany, the blossom of Australia, and even the modern city of the world, New York are places that we dream to go. I have my own selection which is for me is the most exciting and calming places to go which is the land of Haramain (the two land of Islamic Forbidden) Al Medina and Mecca.
     As the birthplace of Muhammad and a site of Muhammad's first revelation of the Quran (the site in specificity being a cave 3.2 km (2 mi) from Mecca),Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory for all able Muslims. Mecca is home to the Kaaba, by majority description Islam's holiest site, as well as being the direction of Muslim prayer. Mecca was long ruled by Muhammad's descendants, the sharifs, acting either as independent rulers or as vassals to larger polities. It was absorbed into Saudi Arabia in 1925. In its modern period, Mecca has seen tremendous expansion in size and infrastructure, home to structures such as the Abraj Al Bait, also known as the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the world's third tallest building and the building with the largest amount of floor area. Due to this expansion, Mecca has lost some historical structures and archaeological sites, such as the Ajyad Fortress.Today, more than 15 million Muslims visit Mecca annually, including several million during the few days of the Hajj.As a result, Mecca has become one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the Muslim world, despite the fact that non-Muslims are prohibited from entering the city.
      Imagine where is the place in this world gives you everything? Fun and also reward? None. Except for these two places which are Al Haramain. I still remember, my parents and I are so excited to go there. We've pack everything, the clothes, The Kitab, Quran and also religious attire. We were counting days to be there. 
My Heart and Soul
     The transit at Karachi have made me feel more impatient to 'meet' Prophet Muhammad pbuh at his grave in Mosque An Nabawi. I keep pray that Allah will make our journey went smoothed and avoid any flight delay. Alhamdulillah, my prayer was fulfilled. Even though this is not the first time i've been there, but my heart always mesmerize to be in such places. Its like i can feel that Prophet Muhammad pbuh is there and standing in front me with his most charming smile...
An Nabawi
      Sollu alan Nabiy. Alhamdulillah. The journey at Medina is finally come to an end. i was sad and pray to Allah so that I can be here again and again to meet Prophet Muhammad and his companions. 
      So the next trip is Mecca. The places where everybody in this world has come and gather around whether to perform prilgrimage or umrah itself. A little briefing about Mecca is a city in the Hejaz and the capital of Makkah Province in Saudi Arabia. The city is located 70 km (43 mi) inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m (909 ft) above sea level. Its resident population in 2012 was roughly 2 million, although visitors more than triple this number every year during Hajj period held in the twelfth Muslim lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah.
The Night View
      This is the place that we can seek truly forgiven from Allah for all of our sins that we have made. It also teach us to be more patient and keep remember the spirit of our previous prophet Ibrahim and also Prophet Ismail of their hardness to build Kaabah. And also not to be forgotten, the spirit of Prophet Muhammad for his dertermination to spread the dakwah to unbelievers so that they embrace Islam as the only true way of life. Subhanallah. Sollu alan Nabiy.

     Beside of performing religious act, I do have some time to enjoy my self. My parent and I went to such places for example Jabbal Uhud, Bir Ali, Magnetic Mountain and so much more. I really enjoy my vacation at Mecca and Medina.
Ben Dawood Mall
The Pigeons
The Attractive Camel at Jabah Rahmah
      Alright, I think that this is enough for now. I hope that you guys will be here one day and feel the same feeling that i felt before. The most calmness and greatest place go. 
Thank you and see you again. Wassalam.
Posted 21st December 2013 by:
Kamarul Syuhada

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The Place I've ever Visited
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